Sony Officially Announces PlayStation Portal, a Handheld That Mirrors Your PS5 Screen

In May, at the PlayStation Showcase, we were given our first look at the Sony’s handheld game device, internally referred to as Project Q. Initially, the device faced a lot of criticism, mainly because of it’s similarity to the PS Remote Play, but also because of rumors that it apparently has subpar battery performance.

Today, Sony announced that Project Q will be named PlayStation Portal, and that it will be releasing later this year. At the very core, the device features an 8-inch screen, running at 1080p with 60fps. On either sides of this screen are two detachable controllers, both of which are similar to the DualSense wireless PS5 controllers, with adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback.

PlayStation Portal will need to connect to you PS5 locally to stream games from it. Without Wi-Fi, or a PS5, it’s almost useless since Sony has confirmed that PSVR2 games, and PlayStation Plus Premium’s cloud streaming service are both not supported.

Portal is essentially a mirror for your PlayStation’s screen, and so it’ll technically be capable of showing anything you typically see on your console’s screen. This includes playing games, and streaming all sorts of supported media.

The handheld starts at $199.99, €219.99, or £199.99, and will be released later this year, the specifics of which haven’t been disclosed yet. This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

via: PlayStation.Blog


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