PlayStation 5 Pro: What We Know from Recent Hardware Leaks

Recent leaks and information from reliable sources have brought attention to the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro (Trinity), generating interest within the gaming community. Notable insiders, such as Tom Henderson and the hardware leaker Kepler_L2, have shared insights into these gaming systems.

According to Henderson, the PS5 Pro (Trinity) is scheduled for release in November 2024. Codenamed Trinity, after the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon associated with Shakespeare, the console is anticipated to offer an innovative gaming experience through features like fast storage, accelerated ray tracing, and upscaling technologies.

The expected/leaked PS5 Pro’s hardware specifications include an RDNA3 architecture, incorporating ray tracing improvements from RDNA4. The GPU aims for a 2.0 GHz frequency target with 3584 shaders, 224 TMUs, and 96 ROPs.

PlayStation 5 in Different Colors | Sony

The Trinity’s GPU may also feature a 256-bit memory bus, 16GB of 18 Gbps GDDR6, and a memory bandwidth of 576 GB/s. Notably, it is expected to deliver a 50-60% rasterization uplift compared to its predecessors, Oberon and Oberon Plus, and more than double the raw ray tracing performance.

Another noteworthy feature of PS5 Pro is its XDNA2 NPU, designed to accelerate Sony’s bespoke temporal machine learning upscaling technique. This technology, a significant focus of the PS5 Pro, aims to provide temporally stable upscaled 4K output at frame rates exceeding 30 FPS.

However, it is very important to note that all these hardware leaks still need to be verified, and nothing said above is set in stone. So, it would be best to keep your expectations in check while looking out for more solid information on the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro. Until then, let us know your thoughts about these leaked hardware specifications of the PlayStation 5 Pro in the comments section below.



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