Sony Unveils the Access Controller, Eliminating Gaming Barriers for All

Sony’s Project Leonardo, the Access controller has finally been shown off (thanks to PlayStation.Blog). This controller is specifically designed for players with disabilities, offering a wide range of customization options and features that makes sure that everyone has the same, equal gaming experience.

The Access controller features swappable buttons and stick caps that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different needs. Sony understands that every player is unique, and this controller makes sure that individuals with varying ranges of motion and strengths can feel easy to enjoy their gaming sessions.

Sony says that the analog stick caps are available in standard, dome, and ball shapes, while the button caps come in various options, including pillow, flat, and other sizes. Moreover, the controller can be positioned at different angles, laid flat, or mounted onto a tripod or custom mount, providing players with the flexibility they require.

In addition to the wide range of hardware customization options, Sony has integrated an Access Controller UI directly into the PS5. This UI allows players to have complete control over button mapping and profiles, creating a fully personalized gaming experience.

In here, players can choose their preferred orientation for the controller, map different inputs to buttons, toggle buttons on or off, and even assign two different inputs to a single button. These customizable control profiles can be saved and stored for different games or genres, such as combat or driving, allowing players to easily switch between configurations based on their preferences.

  • Access controller UI image showing analog stick sensitivity and deadzone adjustment options within a user-created control profile
  • Access controller UI image showing the ability to pair up to two Access controllers with a DualSense controller
  • Access controller UI image showing a button assignment preview
  • Access controller UI image showing button assignment choices
  • Access controller UI image showing button mapping options
  • Access controller UI image showing controller orientation options

One of the best features of the Access controller is its ability to pair with other devices. Players can use up to two Access controllers alongside a DualSense controller as a virtual controller. This opens up new possibilities for collaborative play and device combinations.

This feature definitely encourages inclusivity and allows players to mix and match devices based on their specific needs or play together with friends and family. Additionally, players can adjust for themselves the starting position and sensitivity of input, making it easier to improve one’s control over his gameplay.

Another great addition is the toggle mode included in the Access controller. This mode enables players to emulate the behavior of a caps lock key on a keyboard. By activating toggle mode for a specific button, players no longer need to hold it down continuously. This will particularly be useful for racing games, or games where you continuously need to sprint.

Sony has surely shown that the hype was this controller was well-deserved, and their commitment to equal gaming opportunities is evident throughout their development process. They have taken significant steps for ensuring that gaming is accessible to as many people as possible.

The Access controller is just one example of their ongoing efforts to expand accessibility on the PS5. The company’s dedication is further highlighted in a video that showcases the work being done by the product development and PlayStation Studios teams to create a more inclusive gaming experience.

With that said, let us know your thoughts on this absolute masterpiece from Sony. Till then, we will make sure to keep you updated on all new developments as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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