Playground Games Expands Fable Development Team with 18 New Hires

Playground Games, the developer known for the Forza Horizon series, has recently expanded its team in preparation for the upcoming Fable game. Over the past few weeks, the studio has hired 18 new members, including character artists, lighting artists, environment artists, a game design assistant, and a senior-level designer. 

These additions aim to strengthen the development team for the highly anticipated Fable installment, which was first revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase in 2020.

The diverse roles filled by the new team members provide insights into the potential direction of the game. The addition of character artists suggests a focus on developing in-game personas, while the recruitment of lighting and environment artists highlights the studio’s commitment to creating visually stunning landscapes and immersive environments.

One noteworthy addition to the team is a producer with experience on the successful Baldur’s Gate 3 project. This expertise is expected to play a significant role in shaping the development trajectory of the new Fable game.

Sudden Surge in Team Expansion Says Something

The surge in recruitment indicates that Playground Games has entered a crucial phase of development. While details about game mechanics are still scarce, the latest trailer provides glimpses into potential gameplay elements, such as sword combat and explosive elements.

Despite community concerns about the visual fidelity of the official trailer, a Fable developer reassured fans that the game would meet the showcased standards. Although an official release date is yet to be announced, speculations suggest the new Fable might be released around 2025.

As the fans await more updates, the project remains a promising opportunity for Playground Games to revive the beloved Fable series. With a team of skilled developers, there is optimism that the new Fable can capture the hearts of fans and demonstrate Playground Games’ commitment to delivering a great gaming experience. 

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Abdullah Amin

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