How to Play Among Us on macOS?

Among Us is a great party game that was released in 2018 and is mainly available on Windows, Steam, Android, iOS, etc. Despite the game’s popularity, the game is still not available on the macOS. But no need to worry, there are other ways to play Among Us on a Mac.

Play Among Us on macOS
How to Play Among Us on macOS

These methods can be:

  • By Using the iPad and iPhone Apps Tab of the Apple App Center
  • By Using the PlayonMac App (based on Wine)
  • By Using an Android Emulator (like BlueStacks)
  • By Using a Virtual Machine Application (e.g., Parallel Desktop)
  • By Using Bootcamp (to install Windows)

But before moving to play Among Us on Mac, make sure the OS of the Mac is updated to its latest build, otherwise, it may cause incompatibility with other applications like an Android emulator.

Use iPad and iPhone Apps

Many M1 users (including Pro/Max Mac users) can install the Among Us game by using the iPad and iPhone Apps tab of the Apple App Store. This method is the easiest one if a user’s Mac supports it. 

  1. Launch the App Store on the Mac and search for Among Us.
  2. Now, in the search results, head to the iPad and iPhone Apps tab and locate Among Us.
    Click Get for Among Us on iPad and iPhone Tab of the Apple App Store
  3. Then click on Get and once the game is downloaded, click on Install.
    Install Among Us Through the iPad and iPhone Apps Tab on Mac
  4. Now enter the Apple ID and password (if prompted to).
  5. Once the Among Us game is installed, launch the game by clicking on Open and ta-da, Among Us is running on the Mac.
    Open Among Us from the iPad and iPhone Apps Tab

Use the PlayonMac App

PlayonMac is based on Wine which works as a compatibility layer for the Windows apps to work on a Mac system and despite installing an emulator or a virtual machine, this method may be more performance-oriented for some users but keep in mind this may not work for all users. 

  1. Launch a web browser and head to the PlayonMac website.
    Download PlayOnMac
  2. Now click on Download and once downloaded, drag/drop the .DWG file onto the Applications folder.
  3. Then right-click on PlayonMac and select Open.
  4. Now open the pop-up shown and at the top of the window, click on Install.
  5. Then search for Steam and afterward, install it by following the prompts on the screen.
  6. Once installed, launch the Steam client and log in using the Steam credentials. Make sure to checkmark Remember Password.
  7. Now, in Mac’s dock, right-click on Steam and close it. Let it close if it takes longer than usual.
  8. Once done, re-open the Stream client and let it update if it asks to.
  9. Once the Steam client window is shown, head to its Library and search for Among Us. If the Steam’s Library page is shown black, follow step 12.
  10. Now download and install Among Us.
  11. Then launch Among Us and enjoy the game on Mac.
  12. If the Steam’s library page is shown as black in step 9, close the Steam client from the Mac dock and head to PlayonMac.
  13. Now, hoover mouse over Steam (so that it is selected but not launched), and near the top, click on Configure.
    Open Steam Configure in the PlayOnMac
  14. Then, in the General tab of the Configure window, copy the following and paste it into the Arguments field:
    wine steam.exe -no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist
  15. Now close the Configuration window and launch the Steam client.
  16. Once the Library list is shown, launch Among Us and start enjoying the game. If the game is not shown in the Steam library, make sure you have purchased the game.

Use an Android Emulator

Many Android emulators can be used to play Among Us on Mac. For illustration, we will discuss the process for BlueStacks. BlueStacks is mainly supported on the Mac models with an Intel process whereas it is not supported on Mac models released before 2014 (or M1 Macs). Moreover, make sure the following minimum requirements for BlueStacks are met on the Mac:

  • macOS: Sierra (10.12)
  • OS Architecture: 64-bit
  • Virtualization: Enabled
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Free Space: 8GB or more

Download and Install BlueStacks

If the Mac meets the required system requirements of BlueStacks, a user may follow the steps below to install BlueStacks:

  1. Launch a web browser and head to the BlueStacks download page. 
    Download BlueStacks 4 for macOS
  2. Then download the 64-bit version of BlueStacks for the macOS and once downloaded, install it.

Unblock, Launch, and Setup BlueStacks

  1. Now launch BlueStacks and if an execution block message is received (most probably will) from the macOS, click on Open Security & Privacy.
    Open Security & Privacy from System Extension Blocked Pop-up for BlueStacks
  2. Then, near the bottom of Mac’s Preferences window, click Allow for System Software from Developer BlueStack Systems, Inc. was Blocked from Loading.
    Click Allow for System Software from Developer BlueStack Systems, Inc. was Blocked from Loading
  3. Once the BlueStacks is launched, set it up and make sure to log into BlueStacks by using a Google account.

Download and Install Among Us

  1. Then head to the App Center tab of BlueStacks, and in the window’s right corner, click in the Search box.
  2. Now type Among Us and hit the Enter key.
    Search for Among Us in the App Center of BlueStacks
  3. Then, in the search results shown, open Among Us and click on Install.
    Click on Install in the App Center of BlueStacks
  4. Now wait till the Google Play Store page of Among Us and then click on Install.
    Install Among Us on BlueStacks
  5. Once installed, click on Open to launch Among Us and set the game controls as per your requirements. Just make sure to enable “Touch” controls in the game settings and then in the macOS menu bar, enable “Touch Alternatives”.
    Set the Game Controls for Among Us on BlueStacks
  6. Now click on OK and in the Full-Screen warning, click on Got it.
    Click on Got it for the Full-Screen Warning for Among Us on BlueStacks
  7. Then, in the Privacy pop-up of Among Us, click on I Understand and afterward, join a game. Hurray, the Among Us game running on the Mac.
    Click on I Understand for the Privacy Policy of Among Us on BlueStacks

Use a Virtual Machine Application

Many Mac users may not be comfortable with using an Android emulator on their system and may want to use a more customizable way to play Among US on a Mac. For these users, using a virtual machine would be a better approach. Although there are plenty of applications in this niche like VirtualBox (free but may show some performance issues) or VMWare Fusion (paid), for illustration, we will discuss the process for Parallel Desktop (paid). Before proceeding, make sure the Mac is powerful enough to run the virtual machine and the game.

  1. Launch a web browser and head to the download page of Parallel (click on Buy Now or Free Trial).
    Download Parallel Desktop
  2. Once downloaded, launch the Parallel installer and follow the prompts on the screen to complete the process.
  3. In the end, when the Parallel setup asks to Download and Install Windows 11, click on Install Windows.
    Download and Install Windows 11 Through the Parallel Desktop
  4. Now follow the prompts on the screen to install Windows and once done, install Among Us (either Microsoft Store version or Steam version) and hurray, Among Us running on Mac.

By Using Bootcamp

There will be many Mac gamers who may want to dedicate the whole system resources to games, for those users, using Bootcamp to install Among Us is the best option as it will make the system dual-boot i.e., macOS and Windows. Before proceeding, make sure to download the latest Windows 10 ISO from the Microsoft website and keep an empty USB drive with at least 5GB of storage available. Also, make sure to remove all other storage devices from the Mac.

  1. Launch Bootcamp Assistant from the Spotlight search (or Utility folder) of the Mac and click Continue.
    Use Mac’s Boot Camp Assistant to Install Windows
  2. Now, checkmark Download the Latest Windows Support Software for Apple and Install Windows.
  3. Then, in the pop-up shown, select the Windows ISO file (downloaded earlier), and afterward, select the USB drive.
    Install Windows Through the Boot Camp Assistant of the Mac
  4. Now select the space you want to reserve for the Windows OS (preferably, 20GB or more) and then follow the prompts on the screen to complete the process.
  5. Once Windows is installed, boot the system into Windows and download/install the Steam client from the official website of Steam.
  6. Now launch Steam and log in using the Steam credentials.
  7. Then, in the Steam client, search and install Among US.
  8. Now launch Among US and enjoy Among US game on Mac.

Dear readers, hopefully, the above methods have worked for you. Please do not forget to share your experience with us in the comments.


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