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Philips Sports ST702 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Wireless technology has come a long way from those days. Even a little DIY project will be able to give you reliable connections. In the current era, you no longer need any adapter or a jack for wireless earbuds. They’re called “True Wireless Earbuds”. Now, true wireless earbuds are taking over the market by storm. Everyone is trying to take a jab at it now in order to get a piece of the pie. Long battery life, a good case and of course, great sound quality is what’s expected out of these kinds of earbuds. There are different categories which manufacturers cater to when designing true wireless earbuds. One of them being sports.

Philips Sports ST702BK
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When catering to that, there are a few factors that are also to be addressed if the earbuds are to make a mark. Sound quality and durability is the big deal when it comes to earbuds, but you also require these earbuds to stay put in your ears.

As of yet, the ST702 true wireless earbuds by Philips may just be the best ones coming out of the market. These headphones shine by not only providing all the essentials but by also hiding in a very neat little trick up the case. Is that enough for me to claim that these are the best? Let’s find out!

The first glance of the Philips Sports ST702.


The Philips ST702 are expected to come out after March of this year officially. These earbuds are going to rival Apple’s new AirPods. Given that, the price is expected to be around $200 in the US. The competition is fierce, which is why Philips must rightly justify the price tag that the ST702 boasts.


Front Side Of The Box

The Philips ST702 comes in a little box which is tightly packed with the contents, leaving little space. Opening the box, you’ll find the left and right earbuds and the case of the ST702. All of these are protected by the foam that surrounds all contents so that they are kept free from harm during transportation. In the left corner is another little box which has some additional stuff in it. The quick start guide and the user manual can be found underneath the foam.

The other little box inside contains the mini USB charging cable and some extra rubber ear caps. All of the packaging and contents are pretty straightforward and that’s perfectly fine. After all, all the action is in these tiny earbuds instead. Summing it up, the box contents are as follows:

  • ST702 earbuds
  • Pillbox charging case
  • 3 extra rubberized ear caps
  • Mini USB charging cable


Smooth and lightweight plastic is used in the construction of the ST702 wireless earbuds. These lightweight true wireless earbuds are able to fit in your ear nicely. If not, you can find and replace the rubber caps from the box. The rubberized wingtips help keep the ST702 nicely wrapped around your ear and stops it from slipping. In addition to that, it also complements the shape’s passive noise-cancelling abilities. I liked the fact that these earbuds don’t protrude out of my ear too much when using them. Blue LED ring surrounds the Philips logo and it lights up once the earbuds are paired via Bluetooth.

The charging case of the ST702 also has a nice weight about it which is always something I look forward to. On one corner is the micro USB slot through which you can charge the case and the white light beside it lights up when the earbuds are being cleaned. I can’t say I was too happy to see the micro USB cable instead of a Type-C cable. But, it’ll do. This pillbox shaped charging case can be slid open by the side which has the USB port in it. Inside, you can see the slots for putting the earbuds in for charging.

Functional Design

The construction and feel of the ST702 speak for itself. It is a very well designed, compact set of earbuds that deserve praise in the design department. In addition to that, the small, cylindrical, pill-shaped box also was something I really liked. It has a slightly textured surface so that it’s easier to grip it properly and not have it slipped out. All in all, I simply adore how well the ST702 is designed.

Features, UV Cleaning & Battery Timing

True wireless earbuds, small charging box that lets you get your earbuds up and going on the go, we’ve all seen that before. But what makes the Philips ST702 stand out in this populated niche of the market? The case of the ST702 earbuds has UV light which cleans the earbuds. Given that these earbuds are designed for sports and fitness-oriented usage, the user is going to sweat a lot. Be it the weather or just an overkill workout, sweat on the earbuds is going to happen. The inside of the case emits UV radiation and kills the germs and bacteria that may decide to pitch their camps on your ST702 earbuds. The importance and use of this is huge as it negates many health concerns that might arise from bacteria.

Carrying Case

With the fully charged case, you’re looking at 18 hours of battery time for the ST702 earbuds in total. With one full charge, the earbuds can run for 6 hours continuously. As battery times go, these numbers aren’t very huge. A 20 hours total battery time runs pretty much everywhere. However, I reckon the UV radiation inside the case is eating up its fair share of battery as well. You also have the option for fast charging the ST702 for 15 minutes which can give you 1.5 hours run time.

The Philips ST702 is IPX5 rated. This means that the Philips ST702 can still operate in damp conditions and has some protection from water. It is not completely waterproof as Philips warns the users that fully submerging the earbuds in water can damage them. However, you don’t have to worry about perspiration from your ears dripping down on them and ruining the earbuds.

Sound Quality and Performance

The Philips ST702 uses Bluetooth 5.0 for a disconnect-free connection. The pairing is instant and you can get right into business immediately. First, you will have to power the earbuds on. When you see the blue LED blink on both the earbuds, it will mean that they are powered on and connected with each other. You can connect them to your phone or any device and should it prompt for a password, simply enter “0000”. For the most part, the pairing and operating is just simple tapping to the side of the earbuds. And with the Bluetooth 5.0, the connection range is increased and much better.

The sound in the Philips ST702 is very well balanced. The audio is crisp and clean, and there is spaciousness in the frequencies. These are not too focused on the bass, rather it is a blend of frequencies for a balanced listening experience. The ST7002 use the 6mm neodymium drivers which deliver this well-balanced frequency mix. These earbuds have a sensitivity of 94dB and an impedance of 16 Ohms. That means that these earbuds are susceptible to “blowouts” when listening to high bass music.

I first started out by listening to some hip hop, just to get a feel of the things. The sound space was wide enough that I was able to listen and focus on different elements separately. High bass did not interrupt me from understanding the vocals and I prefer it that way. Despite that, the thumps are there should you be interested in that. The rubberized wingtips and the shape of the ST702 do provide some level of passive noise cancellation. As there is already loud music in the gym, I was able to null some of it out. Loud volume on my part did the rest.

Lastly, for the people who own a pair of AirPods Gen 1, the ST702 is miles ahead of the AirPods let me get this right out of the way. I also own a pair of PowerBeats and the overall sound signature of the ST702 was even better than the PowerBeats. All in all the ST702 is an all-rounder in terms of raw audio performance.


The competition for wireless earbuds and headphones is very fierce. You’re either going to deliver a product that is able to leave its mark, or you’ll be forgotten. Philips has entered the TWS market with three new earbuds- one of them being the ST702.

These headphones are Philips entry tickets to the true wireless earbuds realm. With UV cleaning, a very premium design and well-balanced audio quality, I can safely say that I became a fan of the ST702. The pairing is almost instantaneous, especially if the ST702 has previously been connected to your phone. Just getting them out of their charging case will get the ball rolling. I can’t say that I’m too happy about the battery time, however, in light of all the things the ST702 gets right, it’s hard to not like it.

The Best Sports True Wireless Earbuds

These headphones are Philips’ answer to Amazon’s Echo Buds and Apple’s Airpods. After using these earbuds, it surely does seem like Philips is going to give them a challenge. Carrying out your daily activities is going to become a whole lot better with these earbuds plugged in. And with the firm grip, you never have to worry about them dropping out of your ears.

Philips Sports ST702 True Wireless Earbuds

Best AirPods Alternative


  • UV radiation cleaning to zap the bacteria
  • Rubberized wingtip helps keep the buds fixed in your ears
  • Well-balanced and spacious sound quality for crisp audio


  • Battery life is pretty average
  • Boasts an expensive price tag

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Design: True Wireless Earbuds | Drivers: 6-mm-neodym driver | Active Noise Cancellation: No | Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 | Weight: 320 g

VERDICT:For sports-oriented usage, the Philips Sports ST702 are arguably the best earbuds you can go for. With UV cleaning to keep the bacteria away, IPX5 rating, more than decent battery life and an overall very well-balanced sound quality, there is little that goes wrong with the ST702. However, be ready to have a hole punched in your wallet as they are not going to come cheap.

Price at the time of the review: US $163 / UK N/A


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