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Best Concert Earplugs For Music Enthusiasts


There are several concert earplugs available on the market but it is hard to differentiate the best concert earplugs from the rest. Earplugs are built for the specific purpose of blocking out harmful noise and protecting your ears, and this is not achievable using traditional gaming earbuds. There is a fine line between enjoying loud music with a group of friends and blasting a lot of excess noise into your ear canals. Unfortunately, a lot of the times concerts can fall into the latter category. This is especially true if the concert is of a certain genre that has a lot of crowd participation, and if the artist playing has loud music.

Best Ear Plugs For Concerts
Best Ear Plugs For Concerts Guide!

But you might be asking yourself what’s the point of earplugs at a concert? Can’t you just take the waterproof headphones that you bought? Well, not everyone has perfect hearing, and for those with sensitive ears earplugs can be important. The concert earplugs can enhance your listening experience while protecting your hearing. Regular foam earplugs can be good for this, but some can muffle sound way too much.

Best Concert Earplugs: Our Top 5 Recommendations

#PreviewProduct NameAwardDetails
1Loop EarplugsBest Overall Concert Earplugs
Check Price
2Vibes High Fidelity EarplugsBest Looking Concert Earplugs
Check Price
3Fender Musician Series EarplugsBest Budget Concert Earplugs
Check Price
4Muted Designer Hearing Protection For KidsBest Concert Earplugs For Kids
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5Etymotic Research Concert EarplugsBest Generic Concert Earplugs
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Product NameLoop Earplugs
AwardBest Overall Concert Earplugs
Check Price
Product NameVibes High Fidelity Earplugs
AwardBest Looking Concert Earplugs
Check Price
Product NameFender Musician Series Earplugs
AwardBest Budget Concert Earplugs
Check Price
Product NameMuted Designer Hearing Protection For Kids
AwardBest Concert Earplugs For Kids
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Product NameEtymotic Research Concert Earplugs
AwardBest Generic Concert Earplugs
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If you find the right earplugs they can be enough for concerts, so you can still enjoy the music and not hurt your ears. But how do you even find the perfect earplugs for you? While our headphone buying guide might help you pick out the perfect earbuds, you would want earplugs rather than earbuds for this purpose. With size, materials, cost, and all of that to consider it can get confusing very quickly. We’ve got you covered, here are 5 of the best concert earplugs.

1. Loop Earplugs

Best Overall


  • Discrete Yet Elegant Design
  • Reusable Silicone And Foam Tips
  • Retains Sound Clarity
  • Good Build Quality


  • Relatively Lower Sound Reduction

Material: Silicone And Foam | Noise Reduction: 20dB

In a world where earplugs aren’t an exciting or impressive thing to own, the Loop Earplugs definitely stand out. That’s not because they fit well or because of their comfort, that’s all great. But these Earplugs rival something you’d get out of custom-made earplugs while looking much better.

They also look very fashionable. The main tips are available in either silicone or foam, and different sizes are provided in the box. The actual plug has a 20dB noise filter inside, and the outside has a ring shape to it. Hence, the name Loop. They are available in a variety of colors, such as black, gold, rose gold, silver, and red.

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A small leather pouch is included in the packaging so you can take them wherever you want. They fit most ears perfectly, so it doesn’t matter if you have a larger or smaller ear canal. The best part is that they stay in your ear without having to readjust them, and they never cause fatigue.

As for sound isolation, they filter out a lot of excess noise yet still make listening to concerts enjoyable. Having conversations with others is easier too as you don’t have to lean in to listen properly. The only con is that they don’t feel like they have the highest quality construction. But then again earplugs like those can cost considerably more.

2. Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs

Nearly Invisible


  • Extremely Discrete
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Comfortable Silicone Tips
  • Helps Aid Sensitive Hearing


  • Easy To Lose Carrying Case

Material: Silicone | Noise Reduction: 22dB

Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs do a great job of reducing the volume by using a special filter to tune out harmful frequencies. They do all of this without muffling the sound in any way. They also look appealing and the design is quite discrete.

The ear tips are white and when you plug them in the only thing visible is the small transparent stem. Even then, you’d really have to look for them to notice that. As I said before, these are quite discrete and look much better than any regular pair of earplugs.

A portable hard carrying case is also included. This is of good build quality but a bit too small. I feel like this can be lost easily, so I’d invest in a small case you can clip onto your keychain. These are a major step up from your usual foam earplugs as they never muffle sounds.

Silicone tips are included inside, and you have various sizes to pick from. They never fall out of the ear and you won’t need to adjust them. Highly recommended.

3. Fender Musician Series Earplugs

Budget Choice


  • Easily Reusable
  • Undercuts The Competition
  • Great For Loud EDM Concerts


  • Not The Most Comfortable
  • Unremarkable Looks

Material: Silicone | Noise Reduction: 27dB

Our next pick is Fender Musician Series Earplugs. If you frequently attend extremely loud concerts like EDM festivals or metal concerts, these are a must-buy. They are a bit more aggressive in terms of canceling out noise, so if you are a musician yourself, look elsewhere.

However, for people who love getting close to the stage, these will let you enjoy the concert without damaging your hearing in any way. They use silicone tips so they don’t cause muffling like those cheaper foam options out there. They are reusable too, so you don’t have to buy them as often.

The best part about these earplugs is quite possibly the price. They are among the best budget concert earplugs if you are on a budget. They undercut the competition by a fair bit, and while they are more expensive than the foam options, they do sound much better live.

4. Muted Designer Hearing Protection For Kids

Best For Kids


  • Great Build Quality
  • Endearing Design For Kids
  • Good Sound Reduction


  • A Bit Expensive
  • Large Size

Material: Silicone | Noise Reduction: 27dB

If you have a kid and frequently take them to large events where there is a lot of noise, these are a must-have. Kids have much more sensitive ears than adults, and it’s good to take precautions early on to help avoid any health issues down the line.

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With that being said, a lot of kids don’t like wearing earplugs or anything that is heavy in the ear. That’s why these Muted Designer Earmuffs are perfect for kids. They have a great build quality and have look to them that kids of all ages will like. They are rated at 27dB so they block out noise without muffling.

They are also quite adjustable so they can fit infants or toddlers with ease. For kids who are sensory challenged, these are also a good option for school. The build quality is great and that helps if your child will be frequently dropping these on the floor.

5. Etymotic Research Concert Earplugs

The Traditional Option


  • Good For Buying In Bulk
  • Comfortable


  • Muffled Sound
  • Don't Stay In The Ear As Others
  • No Unique Features

Material: Foam | Noise Reduction: 24dB

These are the type of earplugs you have probably seen a thousand times before. They are the same type that is provided by airlines on flights to avoid fatigue in the ear. Beware though, as they are made out of foam and are known to muffle the sound quality.

Other than that, there is not much to say about these earplugs that has not been said before. The foam material might muffle sound, but at least it’s more comfortable. More people are used to these earplugs anyway so kids and adults will both like them. But they can fall out easier than others on this list.

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This package includes a carrying case so you can carry a few of these around with you. The only problem is that people tend to throw these away anywhere they like, so please try to avoid that. Still, these can be considered among the top-rated concert earplugs on the market due to their widespread generic use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concert Earplugs

Is it bad to wear earplugs in sleep?

Yes, sometimes it can be. Although many consider earplugs to be safe at night, they may cause discomfort after long-term use. It can also cause a build-up of dirt and ear wax. Moreover, it can also block sounds such as alarms or phone calls. God forbid, you may get in trouble if you didn’t wake up to something terrible happening at your home when you sleep!

Are there any earplugs that block all noise?

As far as we know, there is no earplug known to man that completely blocks all noise. Actually, that might be a feature rather than a con. Who know’s that this may actually save you in some way or the other.

How many times can you reuse earplugs?

Generally many earplugs especially silicon ones are made for one-time use only. Bacteria and fungi buildup may happen and cause ear infections. Earmuffs however are made for multiple usages.

What are the best earplugs?

Loop earplugs are our best choice. It has a simple yet elegant-looking design language. It is made of silicone and foam that maintains sound isolation in your ears. It will filter out most noise so you can easily enjoy your stay at a concert. Muted designer earmuff is our runner up which is also designed for kids which is comfortable and reusable especially for winters.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

There are many options in the market for earplugs. Earplugs come in different shapes and sizes. They are equally made for both adults and children. Most companies try to come up with the concert earplugs that provide a balance between sound waves blockage and comfort. Let us present to you viable factors before buying best concert earplugs.


There are mainly two types of concert earplugs. There is a rubberized and silicone as well as an overhead noise cancellation muffler. Both are sufficient enough for basic sound protection. Some in-ear noise plugs can be painful especially for small children hence an over-the-ear plug can be better. However, they have flaws too. It is not portable due to its large shape and weight. Silicon earplugs are usually only made for one-time use. So you have to throw them away otherwise resuing it may cause ear infections since bacteria and fungi can grow pretty quickly on them over the day.


Price is also an important factor. Please check the number of earplugs for what you will be paying for per article. Most earplugs are for one-time use only so if you buy expensive ones, you will soon rack up debts on your credit card. Ok, that might be too far! If you love earplugs due to their comfort, then buying expensive earplugs is completely justified.




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