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MPOW M9 True Wireless Earbuds Review

The first glance of the MPOW M9

People don’t usually divert from renowned companies like SENNHEISER, Audio-Technica, AKG, etc. But what if you get similar features for a price that is a fraction of the price of the headphones from these companies. MPOW is not a well-established manufacturer but it is committed to providing powerful audio solutions in an amazing price tag.

Today, we are looking at the true wireless earbuds from the company, MPOW M9. These are truly wireless earbuds, which means that you don’t have to worry about any cable at all and the pricing of these earbuds make them very attractive over famous earbuds like Airpods. In this article, we will be looking at these earbuds in detail and see whether these earbuds could provide a tough competition to other products such as Airpods from Apple and Galaxy Buds from Samsung.


The box contents are as follows:

  • MPOW M9 earbuds
  • Extra earplugs
  • Charging case
  • USB Type-C cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Design & Closer Look

Coming towards the design of the earbuds, the overall implementation of these earbuds is very similar to Airpods, however, the size of these earbuds is slightly bigger and the design pattern is completely different. Airpods are known to have a loose fit inside ears, however, MPOW M9 does not suffer from this issue, thanks to the larger size. Moreover, the extra earplugs ensure maximum compatibility and comfort. You can use the earbuds with small, medium, or large earplugs.

Familiar but functional design

There are many similar-looking wireless earbuds in the market, however, the price of those earbuds is significantly higher than the M9, especially the truly wireless ones. The earbuds can be used in mono mode and both the earbuds support this functionality. This makes it a lot easier to listen to calls, speeches or similar content. The earbuds are waterproof as well and have an IPX7 rating, which makes them a great contender as sports earbuds since the fit of these earbuds is very nice as well.

Charging/Carrying Case

The design of the case looks quite premium and the case can charge the earbuds five times, which is sufficient for most people. This will let you use these earbuds in your travels and you won’t have to keep charging them again and again. There is LED lighting on the case as well, which states the remaining charging level.  There are multiple connection points on the earbuds which is why you only need to place them in the charging case and they will start getting the charge.

The earbuds are fully charged in around two hours, which is a pretty impressive job and the charging case has a USB Type-C connecter, which can be used with any charger having USB Type-C support. With an official battery timing of around 5 hours, you would be surprised that the earbuds often work as long as seven hours and with the five additional charges, it sums up to a total of around forty hours.


Since these are wireless earbuds, these can be connected to the phone very easily and all you have to do is pair them on your phone via Bluetooth. The earbuds support Bluetooth 5.0 so that you can easily listen to high-res music.

Once connected to the phone, they stay connected all the time unless you place them in the charging case. If you want to use one of them, you should remove only one of the earbuds from the case and place the second one back in the case. Since there is no indicator for the battery, the charging on the earbuds can vary and you might run out of battery on one of the earbuds, especially if you use the mono mode a lot.

Additional Features

A great thing about these earbuds is that they have a touch user interface. There are multiple gestures that can be used for activating various functions. You can hold and keep pressing the right earbud for increasing volume and the left earbud for decreasing it. Similarly, you can double-tap on the right or left earbud for skipping the track. To play or pause, you need to do a single tap on the left or right earbud.

For call management, you can press the MFB once to accept the call or hold onto it for rejecting it. This can be done with both of the earbuds. For Siri or Google Assistant, you can triple-click the MFB button. Overall, these functions are very easy to use and easy to remember and you can adjust to them far easier than other earbuds in the market.

Frequency Response

The frequency response of headphones is one of the most important aspects and a deal-breaker for many people. The frequency response of these earbuds is similar to most of the earbuds in the market and have a V-shaped sound signature. The lows are slightly emphasized while there is an emphasis on the upper mids as well. Despite having brightness, there is not much shrilling in the earbuds. The bass of the earbuds is sharp and punchy but not very overwhelming like some of the bass-heavy earbuds in the market.

This sound signature is great for those who want to enjoy music and don’t mind about the loss of originality. Meanwhile, if you are a purist, you will have to spend a lot more and buy an audiophile-grade headset or earbuds.

Noise Cancellation/Isolation

These earbuds do not provide any kind of active noise cancellation, however, the passive noise isolation on these earbuds is pretty impressive. This is mainly due to the tight fit these earbuds have and if you feel that the noise isolation is not so good, maybe you should try changing the earplugs because as long as the fit of the earbuds is not good enough, you will suffer from poor noise isolation. Overall, the noise isolation makes the earbuds great for commuting and you can also use them during jogging, etc.

Sound Leakage

The design of the earbuds makes them safe from sound leakage but if you turn the volume all the way up, the person sitting next to you can definitely hear it. So, if you don’t own your own cabin in the office, you will have to use the M9 at low volume or perhaps look at some high-end earbuds. In-all, you won’t have a problem using the earbuds in congested places where people are talking with each other.

Microphone Quality

The microphone is not the strongest part of the earbuds and that can be expected from earbuds with this price tag. You can use the microphone for calls with ease but don’t expect to use the microphone for any other application like sound recording, etc. For such purposes, we would advise you to buy a dedicated microphone.


Conclusively, these earbuds are definitely a life-saver for someone who wants to get a taste of truly wireless earbuds and good sound quality. The sound clarity of the earbuds is impressive for the price and you won’t be getting similar clarity with other earbuds at this price. The battery timing of the earbuds is not the best but the charging case is pretty good, allowing you to charge the earbuds up to five times. This is great for people who are away on tours a lot or have to keep moving away on work. The sound signature of the earbuds is V-shaped, which makes it entertaining for most people but might not suit everyone. With USB Type-C charging, you get fast charging times and worry less about the whole thing and with touch UI, you can manage your stuff very efficiently.

MPOW M9 True Wireless Earbuds

Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds


  • A lot cheaper than competitors
  • Awesome battery timing with charging case
  • Touch sensors for UI implementation
  • Waterproof design
  • Great for bass lovers


  • No battery indicator on the earbuds

Design: Truly wireless | Microphone: Yes | Waterproof: Yes (IPX7) | Battery Timing: 30-40 Hours with charging case

VERDICT:If you are looking for something that comes cheap, looks nice, doesn't cost much and has a bass-oriented sound signature, MPOW M9 will be the perfect earbuds for you.

Price at the time of the review: US $48.89 / UK £39.99


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