Paramount Plus Error Code 3205? Try These Fixes

The error code 3205 on Paramount Plus is nearly reported on all the app-supported platforms like Android, web version, TV version, etc. The issue occurs when a user tries to watch a show, channel, or sometimes with multiple shows.

Paramount Plus Error Code 3205

Due to the diversity of the platforms the Paramount+ supports, there can be many reasons which may cause the error 3205:

  • Browser or Device Incompatibility: Paramount plus may show error 3205 if there is an incompatibility between the Paramount+ website and the browser (like Firefox) or device (like a TV).
  • Corrupt Installation of the Paramount+ App: If the installation of the Paramount+ app is corrupt, some modules may not communicate properly and may result in error 3205 as certain app modules may not function properly.
  • Corrupt Firmware of the TV: If the TV’s firmware is corrupt, then the TV will be unable to fulfill basic functionalities that include streaming through Paramount Plus.

Try Another Browser

If Paramount Plus is showing error 3205 in a browser, then that browser’s incompatibility (like in Firefox) with the Paramount+ website could be the reason for the error under discussion. Here, trying another browser may clear the error.

  1. Download and install another browser on the system (if already not installed).
  2. Now launch the browser and steer to the Paramount Plus website.
  3. Then log in using your credentials and check if the issue is solved

Relaunch the Paramount App After Force Closing it

A temporary glitch in the app’s modules may cause the issue on Paramount Plus. Here, relaunching the Paramount app after force closing it may clear the error. For illustration, we will go through the process for the Android version of the Paramount+ app.

  1. Exit the Paramount+ app and launch the Android device Settings.
  2. Now open its Application Manager and tap on the Paramount+ app.
    Open Apps in the Android Phone Settings
  3. Then tap on the Force Stop button and afterward, confirm to force stop the Paramount app.
    Open Paramount+ in Apps of the Android Device
  4. Now launch the Paramount+ app and check if its error 3205 is cleared. Some users may have to repeat these steps for every new episode of a show.
    Force Stop the Paramount+ App

If the issue persists and you have added the problematic Paramount Plus channel to the Amazon Prime Video channels then that can be the root cause of the issue as there is a set limit by Paramount on how many devices can be used to view certain content.

Reinstall the Paramount+ App

You may encounter the error 3205 on the Paramount+ app if its installation is corrupt. If this is the case, some modules might not work as expected and hence cause random issues. In this case, reinstalling the application will solve the problem. For illustration, we will discuss the process of reinstalling the Android version of the Paramount+ app.

  1. Launch the Paramount app and log out of the account.
  2. Then relaunch the app (as discussed earlier) and log into it to check if it is working fine.
  3. If not, power off the device (like a TV) and unplug its power cable from the power source.
  4. Wait for 1 minute and plug back the power cable.
  5. Now power on the device and check if it is clear of the error 3205.
  6. If the issue persists, launch the Android Settings of the device and open the Application Manager.
  7. Now select Paramount+ and tap on Force Stop.
  8. Then confirm to force stop the app and open the Storage setting of Paramount+.
    Open Storage Settings of the Paramount+ App
  9. Now tap on Clear Cache and afterward, tap on Clear Data (or Clear Storage).
    Clear Cache and Data of the Paramount+ App
  10. Then confirm to clear the data of the Paramount+ app and press the back button.
  11. Now tap on Uninstall and then confirm to uninstall Paramount+.
    Uninstall the Paramount+ App
  12. Later on, restart the device and upon restart, reinstall Paramount+ to check if it is operating fine.
  13. If that did not work, check if restarting the router or trying another network clears the error.

Try Another Device

The Paramount+ might show the error code 3205 if the device like a TV is not compatible with the app. Here, trying another device (like a phone) may help isolate the problem.

  1. Install and launch the Paramount+ app on another device (like a phone).
  2. Now log in using your credentials and check if it is working fine. If so, then the issue is with the device or app version of that particular platform.

There is a reported bug on Samsung TVs, where starting a new episode of a show triggered the issue. In such a case, launching the episode (for a few minutes) on another device (like a phone) and then switching the episode on the TV (resuming from the point where left on the phone) may solve the problem.

Reset the Smart Hub of the Samsung TV to Its Defaults

If the issue is occurring on a device (like a Samsung TV) where the Paramount+ app is a system app that cannot be uninstalled, then resetting the Samsung’s TV Smart Hub which manages third-party apps on a Samsung TV may clear the error 3205. Before trying that, make sure to back up the apps’ data/info as apps on the TV will reset or be removed.

  1. Launch the Samsung TV Settings and open Support.
  2. Now select Self Diagnostics and click on Reset Smart Hub.
    Reset Smart Hub of the Samsung TV to Defaults
  3. Then confirm to reset the TV’s Smart Hub and wait till the process completes.
  4. Afterward, launch Paramount Plus (you may have to install it) to check if the error 3205 is cleared.

Reset the TV to the Factory Defaults

If none of the above worked, then resetting the TV to its defaults may clear the error under discussion. For elucidation, we will discuss the process of resetting a Samsung TV to its factory defaults.

  1. Launch the Samsung TV Settings and steer to the Support tab.
  2. Now select Self Diagnostics and open Reset. If the Reset option is not shown, you may find it in the General tab.
    Reset Samsung TV to Defaults
  3. Then confirm to reset the Samsung TV and once done, set up the Samsung TV.
  4. Now launch Paramount+ (you may have to install it) and hopefully, it will be clear of the error code 3205.

If that did not work, check if replacing the cable boxes (like an Xfinity box) solves the problem.


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