Palworld to Receive Pokemon Mod: Players Transform into Ash with Pals as Pokemon

Palworld already has a new mod that transforms the entire gaming experience into a Pokemon-themed adventure. The mod, revealed by Twitter/X user @ToastedShoes, turns your playable character into the iconic Ash Ketchum, while transforming in-game companions into Pokemon.

A brief 24-second teaser posted on Twitter showcases the mod’s capabilities, giving players a glimpse of the Pokemon overhaul. According to the video, not only does the mod replace the playable character with Ash, but it also transforms friends such as Brock and Misty, along with all the Pokemon inhabiting the Palworld universe.

The mod takes the Pokemon experience a step further by introducing a boss fight featuring none other than Jesse from Team Rocket. This unexpected crossover has sparked curiosity among players eager to explore the Pokemon-themed Palworld.

Despite Palworld facing criticism for its apparent similarities to Pokemon, the game has defied its detractors, achieving remarkable success. Today, Palworld proudly announced surpassing 5 million unit sales, securing its position as the second-highest-played paid Steam game ever, with a peak player base of 1,582,482 users and counting.

Palworld crushing Steam Charts | SteamDB

Undoubtedly, Palworld has proven to be a massive success against all odds, continuing to dominate the Steam sales charts. This is evidence that the momentum the game gained at its launch is not going to slow down anytime soon.

While the mod has garnered attention and excitement within the gaming community, the looming question remains: how will Nintendo respond to this Pokemon-inspired modification? As of now, the gaming giant has not issued any copyright notices, leaving players and fans to speculate on the potential legal ramifications.

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