Pakistan Wins Tekken Nations Cup 3-2 Against Korea

$500,000 Prize Secured, but it Wasn't Easy

The Tekken 7 Nations Cup Final was a clash of titans, as two of the most dominant teams in the world met to determine who would be crowned the champion. Pakistan and Korea had both faced off in the playoffs, and each team had a history of immense rivalry.

But, Pakistan was once again able to secure the championship, though it wasn’t easy, and a lot went into this match. At the end however, Pakistan was able to maintain their 6-0 winning streak against South Korea.

Here’s how it all went down:

The first round of the final was the side attack, where the winner would select the side in the first and third match. The winner of the rival reveal would also have the opposing team reveal who their first player would be going into the fold.

In the side attack, Arslan Ash faced off against Knee. Arslan went for Steve, someone he’s never been seen playing before, and Knee went for the usual: Feng. This match was won by Knee, and Korea got both of the advantages mentioned above.

Entry Match

The next two matches were the Entry Matches, which would determine which team would win the tournament. KHAN Imran represented Pakistan in the first Entry Match, and he faced off against Chanel. Chanel is known for his aggressive playstyle, and he chose to use Eliza in the match. KHAN, on the other hand, stuck with his usual character, Marduk.

The first match was a close one, with KHAN winning by a score of 3-2. The second match was even closer, with KHAN again winning by a score of 3-2.

KHAN after winning against Chanel | Gamers8

Middle Match:

The middle match was also a really tightly contested affair. This time, from Pakistan, Atif Butt stepped forward, whereas Ulsan came from the other side. Both players brought their best characters to the fight, with Atif choosing Akuma and Ulsan choosing Bob.

The first set was a back-and-forth affair, with both players trading blows. Ulsan eventually took the lead, winning the set 1-0.

In the second set, Atif fought back, almost losing but managing to snag a 3-2 victory. The third and deciding set was just as close, with Ulsan giving it his all but ultimately falling to Atif 3-2.

Pakistan was 2-0 at this point, and needed just one more match to win the title.

Arslan’s reaction says it all | Gamers8

Boss Match:

The two best Tekken players in the world, Arslan Ash from Pakistan and Knee from South Korea, faced off in a thrilling Boss Match.

Knee started the match with his signature character, Feng, while Arslan chose Kunimitsu. Knee was able to control the match from the start, and he won the first round 3-1.

The second round was even more one-sided, as Knee almost achieved two perfect rounds. He won the round 3-0, and Arslan was starting to look frustrated.

Arslan switched to Zafina in the third round, hoping to change his luck. However, Knee was still too strong, and he won the round 3-0.

Arslan had now lost six rounds in a row, and he was facing elimination. Pakistan needed to win the tie-breaker to stay in the tournament.

The Final Showdown: Atif’s Revenge!

The crowd was on their feet now, this was the match to decide it all!

Atif Butt and Knee, two of the best Tekken players, from either sides were about to face off for the championship.

Atif had its on its shoulders to avenge his teammate Arslan Ash, who had lost to Knee BADLY earlier. But, more than that, he had to win for Pakistan, for the people.

The first match was a close one. Both players were playing at the top of their game, and it came down to the final round. Knee made a slight mistake with his combo, and Atif was able to capitalize and win the match, 3-2.

The second match was even closer. Atif won the first two rounds, but Knee came back to tie the match at 2-2. In the final round, Atif didn’t hold back. He played aggressively and overwhelmed Knee, winning the match 3-2. Pakistan had won the Nations Cup 2023!

The Winning Moments | Gamers8

The crowd immediately erupted in cheers as Pakistan was crowned the Tekken 7 Nations Cup champion. He had done it. He had avenged Arslan Ash, he had won for Pakistan, and he had proved himself to be one of the best Tekken players in the world.

The Greatest Tekken Team in the World | Gamers8

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