OPPO Reveals Zero-Tag, Competing Apple AirTag But Without a Battery, Thanks to New Technology

At MWC 2023, OPPO is showcasing a prototype of its Zero-Power Tag. The locator is quite akin to an Apple AirTag. The OPPO company is the first to utilize the Zero-power Communication Technology described in a white paper published earlier this year.

According to OPPO, its recently developed Zero-Power Communication (ZPC) technology could be the final answer to the power problem in locating gadgets. It appears to have been designed to do just that: transform electromagnetic energy carried by radio waves into a form of electrical current that can be used to power electronic devices.

Radio Tower Will Help in Providing Power | Unsplash

Due to the widespread availability of radiofrequency (RF) energy from sources such as cell towers, base stations, Wi-Fi access points, and even TVs and mobile devices, the OEM’s new type of power source may be able to keep devices with these ZPC modules present on.

Many Uses for the Zero Power Tag

According to OPPO, this mode of communication has potential applications for a wide variety of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The Zero-Power Tag can do more than just track its location; it can also measure temperature and humidity with the help of built-in sensors that run on RF energy captured from nearby sources like TV and radio towers. A companion app would display the accumulated information.

As an additional purpose, OPPO has proposed the device be used to monitor the flight paths of endangered bird species. It is the company’s goal that this innovative technology will result in fewer batteries being thrown away every year. The present version of the tag is rectangular in shape and made of either black or white plastic.

OPPO’s Zero Tag | OPPO

As a possible future development, OPPO has mentioned the possibility of the device taking the form of a sticker, making it even more convenient to affix to whatever it is you’d like to keep tabs on. The price and release date information for the OPPO Zero-Power Tag has not yet been announced.

We will inform you in case of any development. Do let us know what you think about this technology and how it will create a revolution in tracking devices.


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