Three New Snapchat Charms Have Been Spotted in Limited Testing

Snapchat is reportedly testing new Charms, according to reports from several users online. I was able to confirm this myself when one of my colleagues noticed new Charms appearing next to the names of some of their friends.

The Charms were labeled as “Test,” along with a number on the side which shows that they are still in the testing phase. What further confirms this is that they disappeared after almost an hour. It is possible that the company could be planning on integrating them in future updates for everyone.

For those who don’t know what Charms are, they are essentially a way to show off your relationships with your friends on Snapchat. They can represent different things, such as how long you’ve been friends, what you have in common, and your shared interests.

As for the new Charms, we were able to obtain three screenshots of what these are. The first one says “Test 5,” and it’s description states that “You and [Your Friend’s] Bitmoji are wearing the same outfit.

The second one was labelled “Test 3“, and said “You have been friends with [Your Friend] for 1117 days.” Looks more like a friendship streak of over three years, but with the random number, it almost feels as it it was written simply for the purpose of testing.

And, the last one was labelled “Test 12“, and it said that “You and [Your Friend] have been to a Gym at least 2 times in the last 2 weeks.”

If you’re interested in trying out these new Charms, you can update your Snapchat app to the latest version. If you’re not seeing any Charms, it’s possible that you’re not part of the testing group. But if you are, you should start seeing Charms appear next to your friends’ names.

While there has been nothing said officially, it’s too early to comment on anything regarding these. Maybe this could a way to debug an issue, but it certainly seemed interesting. Let us know in the comments what you think of them.

Till then , we will make sure to keep you updated on all developments as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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