Naughty Dog’s Upcoming Title is a Retro Futuristic Open World Game, Codenamed Paradox

Sony’s ongoing internal layoffs within its PlayStation division have stirred up quite the debate in the community, questioning the future of this industry. As part of this, there has been a bit of backlash towards Naughty Dog’s TLOU cancelled multiplayer game. However, recent reports have surfaced up on 4chan pointing towards a possible open-map game in development by the studio.

Naughty Dog’s Dieselpunk Fantasy Game Has a World Submerged Under a Mysterious Black Sea

The details on 4chan reveal quite a bit about the game, and when it’ll be released. For starters, the development on the game, codenamed Paradox started back in 2021 and the game is slated to release two years from now, in 2025.

The story for this retrofuturistic title revolves around an open world that is apparently submerged by a black sea, with the only remaining states being protected by the unknown energy of shiny trees. In the story, monsters called Abyssals (a mix of Lovercraftian creatures and robots) emerge from the sea.

The story specifically focuses on two brothers trying to prevent the re-birth of the Royal Abyssals civilization from under the sea. Both of the “thieving” brothers are tasked with escorting a girl, who apparently has the power to stop this civilization from growing further.

As for the setting, the game is a retrofuturistic title, similar to Cyberpunk or Watch Dogs, with an open map with different islands of diverse culture and political settings. Like the Royal Abyssals, smaller creatures emerge from under the sea. For defense, your main weapons are Paradoxes—rare artifacts that defy the laws of reality.

Other than this, not a lot is known about the game, but a new IP from Naughty Dog is certainly something that’ll raise a lot of eyebrows. This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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