Microsoft Might Release its Next Xbox Lineup in 2028

Newly released Microsoft lawsuit documents appear to provide additional confirmation that the next Xbox console will launch in 2028.

According to a recent report by Axios, company executives plan to take the same adaptable approach of numerous console models into the next-gen of consoles in 2028. The intriguing specifics have been revealed via a leaked internal communication log involving the head of gaming, Phil Spencer, and CEO Satya Nadella.

The FTC’s complaint to prevent Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard included a transcript of an internal spring 2022 discussion between Microsoft and Blizzard employees. The chat record included a discussion of Microsoft’s future plans for multi-version support. The answer seems to be yes, with the company planning to use numerous choices for the tenth generation of consoles.

“Is the plan for 2028 to keep that [illegible] like model or force a Windows like flexible/capabilities like model?” says Gosalia, speaking in the meeting.

“We need to be even more flexible going forward with gen 10, but also provide the ability for creators to take advantage of unique hardware capabilities,” replies corporate vice president of gaming ecosystems, Kevin Gammill.

The year 2028 was stated seemingly out of the blue in the chat logs, suggesting that the officials never anticipated the information to make it to the public. A leak of an internal chat log from Spring 2022 indicates that its contents should be interpreted carefully. It’s possible that a lot has changed in the past year. Previous hazy rumors from the FTC vs. Microsoft case also suggest, however, that the next generation of consoles will launch in 2028.


Farhan Ali

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