Microsoft Could Suspend Xbox Live Users for Using Third-Party Emulators

According to an Xbox Emulation-related discord channel, Microsoft is now taking down accounts that upload emulated in-game screen captures and videos to their Xbox Live account. Of course, it is already pretty clear that Microsoft strictly prohibits any kind of modding or emulation of Xbox games or Xbox consoles. 

However, now it looks like strict action will be taken against the players for violating Microsoft’s security policy. As highlighted by a discord member, someone received an email informing them that their Xbox Live account had been suspended due to using a third-party Xbox emulator to upload screen captures and videos to their Xbox Live account.

Source: The Gamer

The email attached to the message reads:

Hello Valued Xbox Customer,

Thank you for utilizing our Case Review appeals system to learn more about this account’s suspension.

This account was temporarily suspended for using an emulator to upload untrusted images and video on Xbox Live.

Per the Microsoft Store Policies (Section 10.13.10), this is against the terms of service, as such the account was issued a suspension. Using unauthorized software to upload this content risks the integrity and security of our service. To protect the safety and fairness of Xbox Live, we take the misuse of our system and network very seriously.

Section 10.13.10: Products that emulate a game system or game platform are not allowed on any device family.

The person sharing the news also advises the members to not use any third-party emulators linked with their personal accounts as it can result in serious consequences or, worse, you can completely lose your Xbox Live account. 

Microsoft has been discouraging the use of emulators to emulate Xbox games for a long time now, and the users are made aware of the proper security policy that they have to agree to while signing up for the Xbox account and the same security policy to ensure the integrity and safety of the platform were highlighted in the received email. 

So, what are your thoughts about this? Have you faced anything similar if you are an emulator user? Let us know in the comment section below.


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