Microsoft Wasn’t Interested in Developing Redfall, Report Suggests

Redfall, the newest offering from Arcane Studio, was released to the public on May 2, 2023. Even now, opinions are divided on whether or not the game lived up to the hype. While some players have issues with the game’s compatibility, others have issues with the story being too generic or lacking in flavor.

An unconfirmed rumor about the game’s development was recently tweeted by a French retailer. He tweeted that the studio launched Redfall prematurely because Microsoft wasn’t keen on developing it.

Although this report could be false, there are many reviews available online that back up this claim. This information was obtained by the store through Arcane Studio developers in Lyon, who are clients of the leaker.

To give some background, Arcane’s Austin studio is responsible for developing Redfall.

Arcane’s next game is going to be considerably more “ambitious” than Redfall, according to the tweet; however, this is not confirmed, and the developer did not provide any other information.

We cannot draw any conclusions regarding this rumor, we’ll have to wait for a few more days and see what players have to say about the game. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comments down below.


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