Microsoft Launches New Xbox Series X Console Wraps, Leaving Out Series S

After months of using the same console, the thrill of owning it can start to wear off. Even the best-looking consoles can loose their charm after a while – simply take a look at the PS5sarcasm alert!

In all seriousness, Microsoft is now giving you the option to customize your consoles, launching its own new set of “Console Wraps” for the Xbox Series X. At the moment, there are three designs to choose from, none of which is new.

First off, we have the Mineral Camo, and the Arctic Camo, both of which we have seen earlier on limited edition Xbox One controllers.

Arctic Camo | Microsoft
Mineral Camo | Microsoft

These designs do add a bit of a personality, and a personal touch to your Xbox. The cherry on top? They are made with engineered fabric, designed to snugly fit around the console easily. The insides of these wraps have a soft silicone material, so that the console itself isn’t damaged, and also, each wrap is fastened by a velcro enclosure.

The new Xbox skins feature solid core panels layered with high-tech fabric finishes that wrap around your console with “a custom, precision fit” using a hook and loop enclosure. On the inside they have printed silicone designs to “keep the wrap in place” while small feet were placed on the bottom “to ensure air can flow freely through the console.”

Not only that, but the third design is actually inspired by Starfield, and the one that’ll probably attract the most attention. Microsoft has made sure that they make this in a way that perfectly complements the game. They’ve also paid attention to all the little details. Take a look at the wrap down below:

However, there is something that might not sit well with Xbox Series S owners. While Microsoft is generously offering these Console Wraps for the Series X, it seems like Series S owners will have to wait a bit longer for their own fashion upgrade. It’s almost as if Microsoft is saying, “Sorry if you’re a Series S owner, but Microsoft just doesn’t care xD.

These three wraps start at $45, and are open for pre-orders. The shipping of these wraps will start on November 10th, later this year.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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