Meta Quest 3 Will Be Thinner but Expensive Than Quest 2, Report Reveals

The latest virtual reality headset technology from Meta will be available for purchase later this year, with a number of noticeable improvements—and a higher price tag.

The upcoming Quest 3 headgear from Meta will reportedly have double the processing power of its predecessor, according to a report from The Verge. In addition to being “somewhat more” expensive than the current $400 pricing of Quest 2, the wearable technology will be twice as thin.

The capacity to replicate “mixed reality” is expected to be a major selling point for the new technology. The Quest 3 will have front-facing cameras, just like the recently revealed Quest Pro, so that it may transmit live footage from the outside world. This video input can then be used by the headset to generate mixed reality, which isn’t quite as immersive as pure VR.

Meta Quest Pro | Meta

The major north star for the team was from the minute you put on this headset, the mixed reality has to make it seem better, easier, more natural,Mark Rabkin, Meta’s vice president for VR, told staff during a roadmap presentation on Tuesday.

Benefits of Mixed Reality

You may go about your day with complete confidence that your eyesight won’t bother you wherever in the house. Placement of anchors and other items on the desktop is possible. Take as much coffee as you like. You have a lot more time to enjoy your use.

Oculus Quest 2 VR camera | Flickr

Moreover, Rabkin mentioned that a new “smart guardian” would be integrated into the gadget to assist users in navigating the actual world while donning the headset. Meta anticipates that Quest 3’s mixed reality feature will be a major selling point and that it will help rationalize the system’s higher pricing.

Rabkin remarked, “We have to get fans pumped up about [Quest 3]. “We have to show people that all this power and all these additional features are worth it.

In addition to the upgraded technology, the new Quest 3 headset will also come preloaded with 41 brand-new applications and video games. Some of these programs and games will highlight Quest 3’s mixed reality capabilities by making extensive use of such features in their designs.


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