Mechanical Keyboards: Outemu vs Gateron Switches

For any gamer, his peripherals are very important to him and he always wants the best peripherals for him. Out of all the peripherals, the most important one is undoubtedly the keyboard. Keyboards were much simpler back in the days are were mostly found to be of one type, but nowadays since everything is so changed now the keyboards have also changed. Mechanical keyboards have emerged now and they are much better than the old simpler keyboards. These mechanical keyboards have different types of switches in them and each switch serves its own purpose. Out of all the switches, the Cherry MX is the most popular one, but that doesn’t mean that these are the only switches available in the market. There are some more switches available and we are going to be discussing these switches.

Gateron Switches

It wasn’t long ago that whenever someone wanted to buy a mechanical keyboard then the Cherry MX switches were the only type of switches that he could think about, but nowadays it isn’t just the Cherry MX that is in the market, in fact, there are some other switches available in the market that are competing with the Cherry MX ones. Gateron Switches are one of the switches that are available besides Cherry MX.

Gateron switches are becoming more and more popular nowadays and more people are choosing the Gateron Switches for themselves. The reason is that the Gateron switches feature exceptional smoothness and people who are looking for more smooth typing experiences are going for these Gateron Switches but that doesn’t mean that the Gateron switches are only for typing. As a matter of fact, Gateron switches are available in a whole variety; there are a total of six colors available and each switch has its own purpose. Generally, the Black and Red ones are used for gaming, Green, and Blue for typing and if you are someone who does both typing and gaming then the Brown ones are the ones you must be looking out for. The switches are really great and on top of that, they are also cheaper than Cherry MX switches.

Outemu Switches

If you are someone who is looking to buy a mechanical keyboard but the Cherry MX switches are out of your range then you shouldn’t be worrying too much because the Outemu Switches have got you covered. The Outemu Switch is the exact clone of the Cherry MX switch. The Outemu Switches perform really well and the keys of these switches feel really consistent and tactile, the switches offer a crisp, loud and tactile experience.
The complaint from most of the users was that the keys of the clones feel “inconsistent” but the complaint was not heard from the Outemu Switches, the Outemu Switches feel very consistent however they may feel a little bit louder than the usual Cherry MX ones but this might not be a big deal for most of the users. Well, if you ask me I don’t really like outemu switches when compared with original Cherry MX switches but surely the price to performance ratio is higher for outemu switches and when reviewing the Royal Kludge RK61, I realized that outemu switches aren’t really that bad when you keep the price tags in mind.

The Outemu Switches might be the exact clones of Cherry MX switches but that doesn’t mean that the Outemu Switches are not capable of doing the good stuff, the Outemu Switches perform really well with gaming and also with typing, the experience was said to be more tactile and consistent. The Outemu Switches are also very cheap and almost anyone can afford the mechanical keyboards with these switches.


We cannot say if the Outemu Switches are better or the Gateron Switches because both of these switches are used for different purposes. If you want the smoother experience then Gateron Switches are recommended for you however if you are someone who is looking for a more tactile and crispier experience then we would suggest you the Outemu Switches.

Bill Wilson
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