The Return of Marvel vs. Capcom: 4th Installment in the Works?

It’s been over a decade since the last Marvel vs. Capcom game was released and now, fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting news of a new installment. According to a recent post on Reddit, it seems that Marvel vs. Capcom 4 is in the works.

The post does mention that the game is still early in development, so some details may change, but it is currently slated for a late 2024 release.

The Roster

One of the most interesting aspects of the post is the information about the game’s roster. The post claims that there will be 21 characters from Marvel and 21 characters from Capcom, with 12 new characters and 30 returning characters assuming they all make the base roster.

Some of the Marvel characters listed include Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Thanos, while Capcom characters include Ryu, Chun-Li, Mega Man, and Phoenix Wright.

While the post notes that the roster is currently planned, fans should not be surprised if some characters don’t make it to the initial release and included as DLCs. At least two seasons of DLC are planned, though it is unclear how many characters will be included.

Disney’s Involvement and Possible Collaboration with Arc Systems

Another interesting thing that we can see from the post is the claim that Disney was not initially enthusiastic about a new Marvel vs. Capcom game, but eventually agreed. The game is said to be going for a “modern” and “street” vibe, similar to Street Fighter 6.

The post also suggests that Capcom has reached out to Arc Systems to help with the project. This is exciting news for fans of fighting games, as Arc Systems is known for their work on games like Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Additional Details and Rumors

While this post may not be taken too seriously by the community, what’s interesting here is that the release pattern points to a release date somewhere around this time.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes was released in 2000, and the third installment, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds was released in 2011, so it only makes sense that Capcom would release the game around this time.

It’s important to note that this is just a rumor, and nothing has been confirmed yet. However, the information provided in the post is intriguing and has fans thinking about the possibilities of a new Marvel vs. Capcom game.

If the rumors are true, it will be interesting to see how the game turns out and how it compares to previous entries in the series.

Fans will be eagerly awaiting more news and information as the game’s development progresses. We will also make sure to keep you updated on all developments as new information becomes available.


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