Marvel Leaker Hints at a 2023 Release for the Nintendo Switch 2

This year, we have seen all sorts of claims about how Nintendo is working on the next generation of Switch, and while the company hasn’t said anything publicly, people have come up with multiple different theories.

In simple words, recent rumors and leaks have strongly hinted at the possibility of a new Nintendo console, the Switch 2. A well-known Marvel leaker, @Cult_of_Ember, has claimed that this new console will be revealed this year. If this claim is true, it also points towards a possibility that there’s a Marvel game being developed for the console at launch.

This week alone, we’ve seen many posts from different sources talking about how the successor to the Switch will most likely be released this year. This has only fueled the excitement around the potential new console.

Adding to the speculation, a job listing for an upcoming game seems to support the idea of a release coming soon. YouTuber Doctre8 first spotted a listing from developers Funcom for a game called Dune Awakening, based on the popular sci-fi franchise. The listing mentions the game’s platforms as “PC, PS5, XBS1, TBA“. That “TBA” is what’s getting people excited.

According to Doctre, the game was first announced in August 2022, and although there’s no official release date, a trailer showcased at The Game Awards 2022 showed in-engine footage, as well as a chance to sign up for beta access.

This indicates that the game’s development is quite far along. If the game is aiming for a simultaneous release on all platforms, we might see the Switch 2 as early as late 2023, however this inference doesn’t seem too convincing, given that it’s not at all based on any facts that link to Nintendo.

However, it’s important to remember that while (maybe) not true, these are still rumors. The mystery console in the job listing could actually be something else. But with the original Switch starting to show its age, it’s clear that an upgrade is needed. The handheld market is becoming more saturated with competition, and it’s time for Nintendo to step up their game.

With the Steam Deck catching up, and gaining popularity, it will not be long before Nintendo will have a serious competitor. However, there’s not a lot to worry about at the moment. As anything regarding the release emerges online, we will make sure to let you know firsthand. Till then, rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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