Marvel’s Blade Concept Art Gives Us First Look at the Daywalker in Action

Marvel’s Blade the recently announced single-player third-person action-adventure game at The Game Awards 2023 has new concept art that gives fans a quick look at the game’s art style. The concept images were posted on X by Sebastien Mitton Art/Co-creative director at Arkane in a tweet saying;

“Your excitement following Marvel’s Blade reveal means the world to us. Here’s some exclusive eye candy from our Art heroes at Lyon!”

Sebastien Mitton

In the above tweet, Sebastien Mitton shared three interesting art pieces in total. The first image gives us a look at Blade on top of a rooftop overlooking the chaotic and grim Parisian streets. Additionally, we can see the Tour Eiffel in the background along with neon flashing signs warning citizens of the curfew that we already had a quick glimpse of in the reveal trailer.

Blade overlooking Parisian streets

The second art piece shows the daywalker investigating a club, a nod to Blade’s classic setting in the original films along with different stealth moves we can expect in the gameplay.

Blade watching people enter a club

The third and final piece shows a fight on the Paris Metro and a closer look at the vampires with their sharp fangs, glowing yellow eyes, and pointed ears in the foreground. Overall, the concept art gives fans a better idea of the city’s vast area with different locations to explore. Additionally, fans have also spotted a striking similarity between the art pieces and Gotham City which might be what Arkane is going for.

Arkane’s take on Marvel vampires

Arkane Lyon is known for their excellent past work on games like Dishonored and Deathloop with striking visuals making them stand out from the crowd. And with Marvel’s Blade, we can expect to have a similar approach with painterly or even cartoony elements but as the game’s currently being described as in early development, with work that “has just begun” we will have to wait for a while to see what’s next.

For now, this is all we know but rest assured we will keep you updated as new information drops.


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