Nintendo Insider Hints at New Mario vs. Donkey Kong Game

Mario vs. Donkey Kong may be in the works over at Nintendo. This series has been around for almost two decades, starting in 2004 and continuing until Tipping Stars in 2015. However, there hasn’t been a significant number of new Mario releases since then, especially not one featuring Mario facing off against Donkey Kong on the Nintendo Switch.

Now, as the Nintendo Switch approaches the end of its lifecycle, there are rumors circulating about a possible new Donkey Kong vs. Mario game in development. Pyoro, a credible insider in the Nintendo community known for accurate leaks in recent months, recently shared a GIF from The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

In this, Kong appears to be giving Mario the beating of his life – the GIF hinting at the possibility of a Mario vs. Kong game being revealed in the future.

While he shared the short clip from the trailer yesterday, he quoted the post again today, saying “You see who he is, but never see who he is fighting.” Not only that, but he also replied to a user on X, saying that there would be something related to the Princess Peach game that Nintendo teased at the last Direct.

This has led a lot of people to speculate that Mario vs. Kong could actually be announced at the upcoming Nintendo Direct. The September Direct was originally thought to be canceled after the August Direct focused on Super Mario Bros. Wonder, but rumors suggest that it may still happen next week.

On the subject of Direct, Pyoro also posted “Let’s just say fans of a certain MATLAB function will be happy with the upcoming Direct,” This post was thought to be directly linked to the classic F-Zero’s return. If somehow all of these rumors turn out to be true, it could well be the iconic last (Switch) Direct Nintendo fans have been waiting for.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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