Logitech’s Upcoming G Pro X Superlight 2 Found in Leaked Video

Since it was the first wireless mouse to offer latency matching with wired mice, incredible battery life, and extreme portability, the original Logitech G Pro Wireless revolutionized the gaming mouse experience. Following that, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless has been utilized by virtually every professional esports player and has successfully regained the title of finest wireless mouse.

A new leak on Reddit reveals the future Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2 Wireless Mouse, suggesting that Logitech has not yet finished production. The mouse’s packaging is also visible in the leaked videos, which show CS:GO pro S1MPLE using the mouse during scrims.

While the post seems a bit shady, it can be quite true considering NAVI players are using the mouse themselves including the legendary S1MPLE. Logitech is the official partner for NAVI and it is possible that the mouse has been provided for testing purposes to ensure there is no flaw in it.

In the clip, we see the White Mouse’s packaging, which has been rebranded to read “G Pro X Superlight II,” as well as the dongle and cord that came with it when it was unboxed.

Leaked G Pro X Superlight 2 | Reddit

The accuracy of the leak can be accepted as S1MPLE has previously also been used as a marketing tactic for Logitech Peripherals given his large following. He also tested the latest Logitech Headphones and other mice in the past that turned out to be true

Expected Specifications

The upcoming G Pro X Superlight 2 is expected to weigh 63 grams alongside USB Type-C connection for charging and wired usage. The mouse will possibly feature a Polling Rate of 2000Hz since its primary usage is in the esports industry.

Hopefully, Logitech will fix the infamous scroll wheel issue with the G Pro X 1st Gen in the upcoming version as many users complained about it missing scrolls. Additionally, improved switches, perhaps including the optical switches found in the newest G502 versions are said to be coming in the mouse.

The original G Pro X Superlight received a lot of criticism, but these updated specs would satisfy many users. This is consistent with Logitech’s standard operating procedure when it comes to mice, which is to prioritize reliability above innovation.

It’s highly improbable that the form, finish, or thickness would change. Because many players have reported that the G Pro X Superlight excels in all three areas.

There has been no official confirmation from Logitech on the matter, we will make sure to update you if an official confirmation is made on the matter.


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