Is Human Fall Flat Crossplay in 2024?

Everything You Need to Know About Human Fall Flat Cross-Platform Support

One of the most commonly asked questions in the Human: Fall Flat community is whether the game supports crossplay. To answer this question as simply as possible: Yes, Human Fall Flat does support crossplay. However, the actual answer to this question is much more complicated, as the game only supports cross-play between specific platforms.

To clarify which platforms can play Human Fall Flat together, we’ve prepared this guide. It breaks down the cross-play capabilities of Human Fall Flat and specifies which platforms are compatible for cross-play with each other in this game.

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-play?

The game does support crossplay
The game does support crossplay.

In summary, Human Fall Flat does support crossplay, but it’s crucial to understand that the crossplay is only available between certain platforms. This means players on some platforms can enjoy the game together, while others cannot.

For instance, cross-play is supported between Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows, allowing players on these platforms to join one another’s games effortlessly.

On the other hand, cross-play between Xbox consoles (One, Series S, and Series X) and PlayStation consoles (PS4, PS5) is not supported. Therefore, players on these platforms are unable to play the game together.

Human Fall Flat Cross-play Support

Support List
Support List

Below is a breakdown of Human Fall Flat’s cross-platform support for the available platforms: Xbox, Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

It’s important to note that the game does offer cross-platform play between different models of the same platform. Thus, players on PlayStation 4 can interact with PS5 players, and Xbox One users can play with Xbox Series S/X users, and vice versa.

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Platform between PC and Xbox?

Yes, PC players can cross-play with all Xbox players, including Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

Is Cross-Platform Play Available between PC and PlayStation for Human: Fall Flat?

No, there is no cross-play support between Windows PC and PlayStation systems. If you’re on PC and wish to play with friends on PlayStation 4 or 5, cross-play isn’t currently an option.

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Platform between PC and Nintendo Switch?

No, cross-play isn’t available between Windows PC and Nintendo Switch. One of you will need to switch to a compatible platform to enjoy cross-play.

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Platform between PC and Mobile?

No, PC and mobile (iOS and Android devices) users cannot cross-play.

Does Human Fall Flat Support Cross-Platform Play Between Xbox and PlayStation?

Unfortunately, no. There is no support for cross-play between any Xbox models and PlayStation consoles.

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Platform between Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation?

No, Nintendo Switch does not feature cross-play with any other platform, so Switch gamers can only play with others on the same system.

Is Human Fall Flat Cross-Platform between Android and iOS?

Yes! Cross-play is supported between Android and iOS devices, allowing friends with different mobile platforms to play together.

When Will Human Fall Flat Support Full Cross-Platform Play?

Currently, it’s uncertain when or if Human Fall Flat will offer full cross-platform play. The developer, No Brakes Games, has not released any information about introducing such features. For now, it remains a subject of speculation.

Therefore, if you’re eager to play Human Fall Flat with friends, it may be advisable to use platforms that currently support cross-play rather than waiting for a potential update that enables wider compatibility.


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