iPhone 15 Pro’s Wi-Fi Issues Continue Despite iOS 17.0.3 Update

The iPhone 15 Pro series, while featuring some of the most “practical” changes, did not receive the praise that iPhones usually do. Days after its release, the phone was plagued by reports of overheating and thermal throttling. While it was the first phone to feature a 3nm SoC, the A17 Pro seemed to do more harm than good.

Apple addressed the issue last week, citing that some apps weren’t properly configured and that it would take a bit of time for the phones during their setup period, during which they would require extra processing, leading to slightly more heat generation than usual. Then, on October 5th, Apple released iOS 17.0.3, fixing a lot of the issues people had with the new phones, while surprisingly keeping the performance numbers almost the same.

But the update then led to a plethora of new issues, particularly with the Wi-Fi connection on the phone. On Apple’s Community Forums and Reddit, we have seen how users have been reporting that while connected to Wi-Fi, most of the content does not seem to load. While reconnecting sometimes does the job, others have experienced frequent disconnections.

It’ll connect to my home wifi and then periodically disconnect every ~45 seconds only to reconnect five minutes later. No issues with the wifi on any other device in my house. And the funny thing is the iPhone continues to say it’s connected until you go to settings where it occasionally updates to say “No Internet Connection.” Perhaps it’s an issue with IOS 17? I’m hoping it’s not a hardware issue.

Toronto4112 via Apple Community Forums

The issue is prevalent, but not limited to 5GHz connections. While adjusting the channel width to a particular value does work, most people are simply having trouble accessing the internet while connected to the Wi-Fi network (no internet access).

iPhone 15 Pros apparently suffering from Wi-Fi Issues on 5GHz

Keep in mind that this issue is probably not limited to iOS 17.0.3. Older iOS 17 devices experienced the same issue, and it still hasn’t been resolved as of now. It’s possible that we may expect iOS 17.0.4 in the coming weeks to address the issue.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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