Intel Snatches Desktop PC Market Share From AMD Following Raptor Lake Release

For years, AMD CPUs have been stealing market share from Intel, but Alder Lake is now starting to compete well with AMD’s lineup. According to the most recent Mercury Research study, which was able to get, AMD saw a decline in its total x86 market share due to losses in desktop and laptop categories.

According to data gathered by, the Mercury Research analysis indicates that AMD’s market share in the desktop segment dropped dramatically to 13.9% on a quarterly and annual basis by 6.6 percentage points and 3.1 percentage points, respectively. The market share loss on the laptop side was most significant, with AMD’s share dropping from an estimated 24.8% to 15.7% in only one quarter and by 6.3 percentage points from the previous year. Due to these two setbacks, AMD saw a decrease in its total x86 market share of 2.9 percentage points, from 31.4% to 28.5% every quarter and 3.9% annually.

AMD MARKETSHAREQ3/2022Q2/2022Q3/2021
Server17.5%13.9%10.2 %
Total (inc. SoC & IoT)28.5%31.4%32.4%

However, the server market is often the most profitable, and AMD is still strong. They significantly reduced Intel’s market share by 3.6 percentage points from one quarter to the next and by 7.3 percentage points from one year to the next. This indicates that their server-related share of the overall x86 server market is 17%.

We anticipate AMD to keep gaining ground on Intel due to the recent launch of the Genoa platform and how competitive that offering is. While Intel may prevail on a core-to-core basis, Genoa triumphs on a price-to-performance basis due to its significantly higher core count and ostensibly higher performance per watt metric.

As a result of the recent launch of Raptor Lake, which will build on the efficiency and speed gains brought about by Alder Lake and continue the company’s legacy of offering the highest-performing gaming CPUs available, we anticipate Intel to continue stealing market share from AMD in the desktop and notebook segments.


Muhammad Zuhair

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