ASUS Mini PC Leaked, Powered by Intel 14th Gen

ASUS is developing a new generation of Mini-PCs they’re calling ExpertCenter PN65. Specs released by @momomo_us indicate that the upcoming version of this product line will include a 14th generation Core Intel CPU.

Raptor Lake Core i7-13700H/13800H high-end laptop CPUs are included in the latest model (PN64 series). The cTDP (configurable thermal design power) for the 45W SKUs is 35W. A successor is expected to run on a 28W 14th-generation Core processor. Keep in mind that there are several different series of mobile CPUs from Intel, such as the H, P, and U series. The product design team chooses the CPU based on the device’s power and thermal class, however the TDP of each processor can be adjusted for optimal performance.

Intel has already revealed a separate naming scheme for the next-generation mobile platform that has nothing to do with the 14th Gen Core series. This indicates that the PN65 MiniPC may benefit more from a Raptor Lake update than a Meteor Lake update, though neither should be disregarded just yet.

Asus MiniPC Meteor Lake | momomo_us

In addition to its improved CPU, the PN65 will also be able to utilise the higher-speed DDR5-5600 memory (compared to the PN64’s 4800 MT/s). Assuming Intel also revamp its mobile SKUs, we should expect to see quicker memory support, the main feature of the 14th Gen Core desktop series.

It’s worth mentioning that, contrary to rumours, the product actually utilises Intel Iris Xe graphics rather than the Meteor Lake-exclusive Arc graphics. This would provide additional evidence that we are investigating the most recent Raptor Lake

Source: momomo_us


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