Inspect Element not working in Discord? Try these fixes

There are multiple uses for the Inspect Element option in Discord, such as if you want to look at someone’s Discord picture or if you want to add custom CSS to your Discord application. To do this, you will have to inspect the specific element and add custom CSS to it. In this way, you can personalize your Discord application with your own CSS.

However, Discord has disabled the ‘Inspect Element’ feature to prevent users from accessing it. This has been officially confirmed by one of the Discord staff members on Reddit.

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Fortunately, you can still use Inspect Element in the Discord application on Windows to add a custom CSS by configuring the settings.json file. However, you cannot use it on your Mac/Linux unless you install Discord PTB or Discord Canary. We will discuss them later.

1. Enable ‘Inspect Element’ in Discord’s settings file.

Discord has disabled the inspect element, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enable it for yourself.

To enable the inspect element feature on Windows, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you have closed the Discord application. If not, right-click on Discord in the system tray and select Quit Discord.
  2. Press the Win + R keys simultaneously to open the Run Program.
  3. Paste the following directory into the search box and click OK.

  4. Choose Notepad if Windows asks for the application to open a JSON file.
  5. Now enter the following code line in the Jason file.

  6. Once done, press Ctrl + S to save the file.
  7. Then, launch Discord and press Ctrl + Shift + I to use the inspect element feature.

2. Enable the Inspect Element feature on Mac/Linux.

If you have a Mac or Linux and want to add CSS, unfortunately, you cannot do so directly. However, you can use alternative methods. We are not suggesting that you use a web version, as you will be able to access the Inspect Element feature and can add custom CSS. However, you cannot save the CSS permanently. When you reload the browser, all changes will disappear.

However, if you want to use this feature for fun, such as creating fake messages, then in this case, use a web version of Discord. To do this, follow these steps.

However, if you are willing to change the CSS permanently for a Discord application, you should use Discord PTB (Public Test Beta) or Discord Canary. Both applications are available for users to access new features and fixes. They are similar to Discord, but Discord PTB is more stable than Discord Canary. Therefore, you can use Discord PTB to add custom CSS.

To do so, follow the steps appropriate for the situation.

2.1 Inspect the Element on a Discord Web Page.

To do that, simply visit Discord using the provided link, log in to your Discord account, and press Ctrl + Shift + I. Next, click the inspect element icon at the top, and then select the element you want to inspect.

2.2 Download Discord PTB on Mac/Linux.

  1. Download the Discord PTB from the link.
  2. Once it is downloaded, run the Discord installer and wait for it to finish installing.
  3. Once completed, open it and press Ctrl + Shift + J to utilize the inspect element feature.

If you are facing issues where Discord PTB is not installing, apply the methods listed in this article: ‘Discord Update Failed: Infinite Retrying Loop‘.

-Discord Inspect Element Not Working FAQs

Why is Inspect Element not working on Discord?

Discord has disabled the inspect element functionality on a stable version for security purposes. However, you can still open it by configuring the settings.json file.


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