The Ultimate Review of Episode 8 of I Am the Villain

Reviewing Episode 8's enchanting chemistry between Lucia and Felix!

I Am the Villain is an isekai romantic manhwa. It has recently made waves in the webtoon/manhwa sphere. Fans of this mahwa have had some serious expectations with the story and its episode 8 did not disappoint.

Today we will be decoding and reviewing I Am the Villain’s episode 8 and how it has managed to capture the hearts of countless romance/isekai lovers around the globe.

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I Am the Villain | Webtoon

The Plot of I Am the Villain

“I Am the Villain” centers around a young girl Lucy who barely manages to make ends meet. She toils away at demanding and blood-sucking corporate jobs. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she gets transported to her friend’s novel.

Her new identity is Lucia Aurelius who is destined to die as a villain in the novel. To escape her prewritten novel fate, Lucia turns into a cunning and elite strategist. Her transformation revolves around the hopes of getting back to her normal life.

But it’s not that easy especially when she has so many good-looking men around her. These attractive men swirl her heart and make her reevaluate her decision to return to her world.

I Am the Villain | Webtoon

Complete Review of Episode 8

Episode 8 kicks off with Felix paying a visit to Lucia. But he witnessed another stranger Noah by her side. Annoyed and confused by his visit, Lucia extends her courteous greetings to Felix. She quickly takes notice of Felix’s evident confusion toward Noah and introduces him as her Knight.

Perplexed by Noah’s sudden appearance as a knight, the crown prince gets pangs of insecurity. To claim his right to Lucia in front of Noah, he asks Lucia for a stroll. Lucia is shocked by his sudden offer and thinks of a response. But as she wants to avoid any negative circumstances that can lead her to become the villain and die she agrees for a walk in the garden.

Lucia with Felix | Webtoon

Having received a favorable response from Lucia, the Prince graciously extends his hand. However, in an unintentional slip, Lucia bypasses his offer and proceeds with their walk. This gesture takes the prince by surprise and leaves a satisfactory smirk on Noah’s face.

But as Noah’s eyes unexpectedly meet the prince’s gaze, the two men start to have a subtle tension. Unaware of the tension between Noah and Felix, Lucia follows the prince to the royal garden. An atmosphere of silence hangs between them, and Lucia ponders how to initiate a conversation.

Felix & Lucia | Webtoon

Just as she decides to comment on the pleasant weather, an ironic twist of fate turns the climate chilly. Her attempt to break the ice with a weather-related remark is thwarted. However, as she shivers from the cold breeze the crown prince removes his cape and wraps it around her body to keep her warm.

He then softly suggests, “You should return to your chamber; it’s getting cold out here. We can continue our conversation another time.” Lucia both puzzled and deeply touched by his considerate gesture, gazes at him in admiration. Both of them spend a good amount of time looking into each other’s eyes, unaware of the world around them.

Lucia | Webtoon

Our Take on I Am the Villain’s Episode 8

To put this one straight, this storyline feels like déjà vu, and it’s been recurring quite frequently in recent years. For readers or fans of mainstream anime, manga, or webtoons, this narrative may seem all too familiar.

While “I Am the Villain” does improve on certain aspects, notably by granting the main female lead more agency, it can’t escape the fact that it falls into the cliche of a female protagonist trapped in a harem of stunning men. ( AND THATS A BUMMER!)

Considering these factors, we’d give this webtoon a good one-time watch rating of 6. If it happens to be your last resort for entertainment, that’s fine, but there are undoubtedly more interesting webtoons out there to put that webtoon craving to rest!

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