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HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset Review

When it comes to gaming headsets, there are only a few brands that are going to come to your mind. For a lot of gamers, HyperX is one of those brands. That’s for a good reason, as the HyperX Cloud 2 and Revolver headsets have been incredibly popular. They always bring their best when it comes to gaming headsets. The key to their success has always been great sound quality and simplicity. While other brands go for gimmicks and market questionable features, HyperX focuses on the overall quality.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Review

Cloud II Wireless
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With that said, a lot of brands are offering great quality these days. The tides have shifted as gaming headsets are better in 2021 than ever before. Now, all of the focus is on wireless headsets. It’s only natural, as cutting the cord is the next step to making gaming headsets better. HyperX has a major advantage as they already have a very successful wired headset, so why not make it wireless?

This is exactly the intention of HyperX with the HyperX Cloud II Wireless. It builds upon the foundation laid down by its wired predecessor. You can check out our HyperX Cloud II Review as well. The Cloud II Wireless is something a lot of fans have been waiting for, and fortunately, it lives up to the hype. We’ll be covering everything in detail in this in-depth HyperX Cloud II Wireless review.

Unboxing Experience

From the get-go, the HyperX Cloud II wireless arrives in a familiar yet exciting package. The box has an appealing look to it thanks to the white and red color schemes. There are a few black accents here and there. This is one of those boxes that you put up on a shelf near your gaming setup.

Front of HyperX Cloud 2 Packaging

The front of the box has a picture of the headset, along with a description of some features. Other than that, the back of the box lists all the specifications in detail, and the side of the box has a similar text to the features on the front.

Back of the HyperX Cloud 2 packaging with product description

After cracking open the box, you’ll see a welcome pamphlet and a quick start guide. Inside the box, we have the headset itself, the detachable microphone, and a USB dongle for the wireless connection. There’s also a USB type C cable to charge up the device.

Contents of HyperX Cloud 2 Wireless box

An Iconic Design

The original HyperX Cloud II came out in February of 2015. Now, six years later, the Wireless version carries the torch with a recognizable and iconic design. We shall now look into the design in our HyperX Cloud II wireless review.

This is a design that has been quite refined up to this point. Of course, this means that it looks and feels nearly identical to the original. As the saying goes: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Earcup design: Front view

The HyperX Cloud II Wireless has thick oval-shaped earcups. These connect to the headband with the Y-shaped metal structure. The design features a lot of red accents that are seen on the yoke, logo, and even with the stitching on the headband. HyperX’s design language extends throughout their entire lineup of products helps in brand recognition such as their HyperX Alloy Origins Keyboard and gaming mice.

Earcup design: Top view

Both sides of the earcups have the HyperX logo in red. Other than that, the earpads use the familiar memory foam interior covered by faux leather. The same material is present in the headband padding.

HyperX Cloud 2 headband design: Padded with memory foam and wrapped in faux leather

Apart from that, there are two buttons on the left earcup. One of these is a power button, and the other is a mute button for the microphone.

Buttons and power status LED indicator

There’s also a port here for plugging in the detachable mic. The ride side features an incredibly smooth volume dial. It does not have any physical stops and scrolls continuously. An audible beep alerts you when you’re at 100% volume.

HyperX Cloud 2 Wireless ports: Microphone jack and USB charging port

The included USB dongle is a bit on the bigger side, similar to an old flash drive. However, once you plug it inside your PC, the headset immediately connects after powering it on. It also works with the PS4 and PS5.

What About The Comfort?

HyperX has always been excellent when it comes to comfort. With the name being Cloud II, what else can you really expect? Needless to say, this headset is one of the most comfortable ones out there in 2021. They are nice and flexible as well, so they can fit some of the folks with larger heads out there without a problem.

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The faux leather padding feels supple and provides good cushioning. Since these are over-the-ear headphones, they don’t necessarily interfere with the ears. There is ample padding on the headband, and there really aren’t any pressure points present here. The clamping force is quite light as well.

Even with glasses, this headset doesn’t cause pressure on the head, so it still feels excellent. They look great on the head as well, since they’re not big and obnoxious. As usual, great stuff from HyperX in terms of comfort just like their HyperX Pulsefire gaming mice.

Gaming/Sound Performance

Of course, sound quality in a wireless headset is quite crucial. Some would even say that it is the most important factor. Before we continue further in our HyperX Cloud II review, we want you to know a few key points. Wireless headphones and headsets weren’t all that great not too long ago. This is why people are still anxious about buying wireless audio gear. Fortunately, the Cloud II Wireless skirts around that issue.

The drivers here are the same 53mm neodymium seen in the original. These are fine-tuned a bit differently, because of the wireless functionality. Sound quality is where things get interesting. In all honesty, the performance is here is fantastic. There’s a solid low-end throughout the sound from this headset, and the closed-back design helps that out. Imaging and positional audio are also excellent.

HyperX branding on the exterior headband

Overall these are excellent when it comes to gaming performance. However, let’s talk about the nitty-gritty. These aren’t exactly the warmest sounded headphones out there, which is a good thing. The bass is present and powerful, but it doesn’t mess with the treble and the mids. At max volume, the vocals can get a bit bright, which is par for the course for most gaming headsets. It never gets too harsh, but it’s something audiophiles might notice.

Of course, this depends on the type of games you are playing. The bright vocals won’t bother you all too much, as they’re not noticeable enough. Fortunately, it never overshadows the mids and it doesn’t take away from the experience. All around, the sound quality is dynamic and full. The wireless connection does not mess with the audio in any way. These still stand out as one of the best in that regard.

Surround Sound

You can’t have a gaming headset in 2021 without some form of emulated surround sound. Personally, I prefer stereo audio, but HyperX does a decent job here. The Ngenuity software provides emulated 7.1 surround sound. It has a slight effect where it sort of stretches the frequencies in certain games. This provides a wider soundstage, and it depends on what you’re planning.

For example, the feature works great in games such as Battlefield V, Call Of Duty: Warzone, and Resident Evil Village. It doesn’t quite provide an advantage, but again, it depends on the game you are playing. At the very least, we encourage you to try it out with different games and see if it does the trick. Overall, the emulated 7.1 surround sound is better than a few headsets out there.

Microphone Quality

The main competitor of the HyperX Cloud II Wireless is the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro. There is a very slight price difference, but they’re nearly identical in terms of sound quality. This means that the Cloud II is cheaper and sounds just as good. The microphone is also good for communication in games or just chatting with your friends on discord.

Microphone of the HyperX Cloud 2

The Hyper X Cloud II wireless has a detachable microphone that lights up in red while muted. Are there better microphones out there? Sure. Does that matter when a gaming headset like this provides excellent value all around? Well, that depends. Of course, if you are a streamer, you’ll want to go for a dedicated microphone. Other than that, the Cloud II Wireless performs well in the mic department.

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Red indication light when the microphone is unmuted

We brought up the Blackshark V2 Pro earlier because it has a slightly better microphone. However, the details are not that noticeable, even in a side-by-side comparison. This goes to show just how great of a value the Cloud II Wireless really is.

Battery Life

Battery life is also quite pivotal when it comes to the success of a wireless gaming headset. HyperX claims that this headset can last up to 30 hours at 50 percent volume. Of course, the metrics will be different at 100 percent volume. However, we didn’t have any major issues here, and even at max volume, the headset can last around 24-25 hours. That’s a rough estimate, of course, but should give you a good idea of what to expect.

In comparison, 25-30 hours of battery life (depending on the volume) is quite good. Sure, it’s nothing groundbreaking but it is on par with or better than some other headsets. There is an indicator on the left earcup that tells you about the battery status. At 90 to 100 percent, it stays green, from 90 to 50 percent it starts flashing, and when the battery is low it turns red.

Of course, you can still use the headset while charging. After plugging in the USB cable, it acts just like a regular wired headset. Unfortunately, you’ll need to pick up a longer USB cable, as the one in the box is only 18-inches.

The Ngenuity Software

Before we wrap up this review, let us quickly go over the software for the sake of keeping this an in-depth review. There’s not a whole lot to talk about here, as the Ngenuity software is simplistic. Still, let’s quickly run through it. You can go in and manually adjust volume and microphone levels. There’s a toggle for the 7.1 surround sound, as well as mic monitoring.

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HyperX Cloud 2 customization software: Ngenuity Software

Mic monitoring allows you to hear your voice so you can check if it is functioning properly. It’s a popular feature and works well here. There are no EQs and preset tabs here, which is a bit surprising. You can set your own presets, however. Overall, while the software experience is basic, it’s something I personally prefer. This is because the headset works perfectly even without the software. It doesn’t get in the way and does not put unnecessary strain on the PC.

HyperX Cloud II (Wired) vs Cloud II Wireless: What’s The Difference?

We are not done with our HyperX Cloud II review yet. When it comes to the age-old debate of wired vs wireless peripherals, most people always go with wired. This is because wired peripherals are more reliable in terms of connection, and you don’t need to worry about battery life. Both of those are fair points, but what if the difference between wired and wireless is so negligible that you might as well go wireless?

Side by side comparison: HyperX Cloud 2 Wired and Wireless

Well, that is definitely the case here with the Cloud II Wired and Cloud II Wireless. Wireless headphones tend to be worse than their wired counterparts. However, the Cloud II Wireless can easily keep up with its wired version. First off, let’s talk about the differences (there aren’t many). The design is a bit different on the wireless version. For the most part, they look the same.

However, the Wireless version has a more aggressive oval shape on the earcups, while the wired version looks a bit more circular. The yoke on the wireless is a bit different compared to the original, but the padding and stitching are of the same quality. The microphone on the wired version looks a bit different than the wireless version as well.

Subtle differences between two versions of HyperX Cloud 2

Another difference is the 7.1 dongle you get with the wired version. On the wireless version, 7.1 surround sound works via software. Both sound great in their own regards, but this will come down to personal preference. You can hear footsteps and pinpoint enemy positions quite well with both headsets.

Other than that, sound quality is quite similar unless you’re really looking for a difference. Both have the same drivers, it’s just that the Wireless version is tuned a bit differently. The difference in sound quality is quite small, to the point that it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact there is zero latency or loss in the overall experience.

The wireless HyperX Cloud 2 has a larger driver size

The microphone is one of the bigger differences. You’ll notice better quality on the wired version, while the wireless one is not bad either. We don’t think it is a dealbreaker, but something worth mentioning. In short, there’s not much of a difference with the Wireless version, which is ultimately a good thing.


Going into this review, I knew that this was going to be an easy one. This is because HyperX always focuses on pure quality, and the Cloud II Wireless is no different. The Cloud II has made quite a name for itself, and HyperX wasn’t going to screw that up with the wireless version. The overall build quality and comfort are phenomenal. It’s lightweight and feels great on the head.

Connection and pairing are seamless because it works right away by plugging in the dongle. The sound quality, as usual, is excellent and sounds full plus immersive. Battery life is also a plus-point. Really, the only con is the short USB cable and the fact that it doesn’t exactly work with Xbox. On the other hand, it works seamlessly with PS4, PS5, and the Nintendo Switch.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless

Unbeatable Wireless Value


  • Flawless pairing process
  • Surprisingly great sound quality
  • Comfortable as ever
  • 7.1 Surround works well in some games
  • Strong battery life


  • Short USB cable
  • No Xbox support yet

Microphone: Detachable electret condenser microphone | Frequency Response: 50Hz-6.8kHz | Weight: 301g | Connectivity Type: PC, PS4, PS5 and Switch 2.4 GHz Up to 20 meters | Bluetooth: N/A | Battery Life: Around 30 hours

VERDICT:The Cloud II wireless is a stellar iteration of the cloud series, not because of extra bells and whistles, but because of the laser focus on pure quality. There is no wireless gaming headset out there that delivers on all the fundamentals at such a great price. If you're a previous HyperX headset owner, this is the perfect upgrade for you.


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