Huawei Anticipating 100 Million Smartphone Sales in 2024

After several years of struggle, Huawei appears to be on the rise. Despite years of difficulties due to US sanctions, the firm appears to be on an upward trajectory thanks in large part to the success of its Mate 60 Series smartphones, featuring 5G connectivity. A recent report from TheElec suggests that Huawei will soon resume normal smartphone production levels. Information is provided below.

Once a market leader in smartphones, Huawei now seeks to reclaim its former dominance. With the Mate 60 Pro, Huawei has rebounded from Google’s pullout of support and US sanctions, as well as an enormous decline in market share. Now, Huawei expects to ship 100 million smartphones in 2024.

Huawei Finally Got 5G

With a shipment rate that is double that of the previous year, the company aims to change the competitive landscape. Persistent US sanctions, however, are a major setback for the business. Huawei had to figure out to do with 4G modems in Snapdragon CPUs for a while because of the limitations of 5G. However, it has just released a product featuring a Kirin 9000S, a 5G processor built on a 7nm process.

Mate 60 Pro | Huawei

The upcoming P70 Pro and Mate 70 Pro from Huawei are both anticipated to feature the same processor. The corporation appears to have started acquiring massive amounts of components for the new devices, according to newly revealed information. Huawei’s processors and operating system, HarmonyOS, have both seen considerable improvements as of late.

Experts, however, are sceptical that Huawei can sell 100 million devices despite the present US restrictions. However, after its 5G plan, Huawei anticipates to see a rise in sales. However, getting back on the list of best-selling smartphones is looking tough for the brand as of now.

As a result of sanctions, Huawei’s chip supplier, SMIC, is unable to acquire new lithography machines or produce chips at a smaller than 7nm size. Since TSMC has 3nm fabrication capability, Huawei is at a disadvantage. Whether or whether Huawei’s 7nm processor-equipped smartphones will be more popular with consumers remains to be seen.

This is all we know for now, rest assured we will update you in case any new information is available.

Source: TheElec


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