Huawei Announces World’s First Smartwatch with Hyperglycemia (Blood Sugar) Risk Assessment Technology

Huawei has just announced that its upcoming Watch 4 series will include a breakthrough feature that will make it the first commercial smartwatch to come with a blood sugar measurement system. This announcement is a significant milestone in the field of wearables, and health technology in general.

Hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar is common issue worldwide, but for those who don’t know, it occurs when the body cannot produce enough insulin or cannot use insulin properly. High blood sugar levels can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

The new blood sugar assessment feature in the Huawei Watch 4 series is a really major step forward in providing users with a non-invasive way to monitor their blood sugar levels, as traditional blood sugar measurement requires for you to provide it with a small sample of the patient’s blood.

The announcement was made by Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO, Yu Chengdong, who stated that the feature was the result of years of research conducted in collaboration with authoritative medical institutions. The analysis of over 100,000 hours of monitoring and 800,000 pieces of blood sugar data was used to develop a hyperglycemia analysis algorithm to assess the risk of hyperglycemia.

Yu’s announcement on Weibo

It’s not like the Huawei Watch 4 series will measure blood sugar in the traditional ways, rather it will use various monitoring techniques, including heart rate and pulse wave characteristics, to assess the risk of hyperglycemia.

The results of the assessment will be displayed on the watch’s UI, which will include the feature name “hyperglycemia risk assessment” and a label of the risk level. It is important to note here that it will not provide an accurate number for the measurement.

What’s more interesting is that the UI will also suggest ways to mitigate the risk, such as avoiding excessive intake of high-sugar, high-oil, and high-fat diets.

Within their announcement, Huawei said that it is important to note that the Watch 4 is not a medical device, and the measurement data and results are for reference only and should not be used as a basis for diagnosis or treatment. Additionally, users must join the blood sugar health research initiated by a third-party professional medical institution to use this feature.

In the past, we have heard how Apple is also developing blood sugar measurement technology, but Huawei’s Watch 4 series will be the first commercial smartwatch to include this feature. The limited availability of the feature in the Chinese market is due to the ongoing research phase, during which user feedback will be collected to improve the feature.

As for this feature, this is all we know, but rest assured that we will keep you updated on all new developments as new information becomes available.


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