How to Use Temporary or Disposable Email Accounts

A disposable or a temporary email account is an email address where you can receive emails and discard immediately or when the user decides. There are number of reasons why you would want to use a temporary address, of which the most common is privacy and keeping your original address clean from spam and marketing emails.

When you are surfing the internet and want to subscribe or download something off a website, they usually require your email address for confirmation or for sending information, this way you get the information but hand in your email address and become a target for the marketing companies. There’s a lot going on in the internet world, and most of the time when you send in your email address it is usually sold to third party marketing companies and the process is repeated.

If you are concerned about your privacy and do not want your Inbox flooded with 100’s of unwanted spam and marketing emails, then using a disposable/temporary email address is the way to go. There are a large number of websites providing such services, and most of them do not require any sign ups. In this guide, we will list a couple of these sites for you so you can try them.


Discard.Email offers temporary and disposable email address for receiving and sending emails. It also offers about 30 domains names to choose from. Simply go to to get started. No Registration or sign up, free of cost and anonymous. It also has a built in spam blocker. But the emails don’t stay in the inbox forever. They are deleted after 30 days. Discard. Email also offers a Mozilla Firefox add-on that provides a user an easy way to access their temporary email account from the browser. Download the Firefox add on here.

Hide My Ass (HMA) Anonymous Email Service

HMA is a popular anonymity provider which also offers a disposable but password protected email account for receiving emails only. You just have to fill out a very short form, that’s all. Go to and get started.

Guerilla Mail

Another great disposable email service that offers a number of domain names to choose from. No sign up or form filing is required. Simply go to and type in the email account you want to use with the available domain name of you choice.

The unique feature Guerilla mail offers is that you can also send an attachement file of size up to 150 MB too.

But the downside here is that the emails will be deleted after 1 hour.


It is a web based disposable email service which only requires a browser and an internet connection. To get an email address, simply make up any log in name you can think of and add the domain @mailinator at the end. For example, and there you go! You have an email address.

Now to check the emails you receive in that email account, simply go to

In the Check Any Inbox, type your log in name. For example, type mynameiskevin and click GO.

You will be shown the last 24 emails received on You can delete any email received if you want to. The only limitation is the 24 email limit, and that anyone can check your emails by typing your log in name. Also you can subscribe for an RSS feed for the email address by clicking the RSS feed button.


Mailcatch provides similar services like Mailinator such as log in name of your choice it also offers the RSS feed feature

Simply go to and enter the email on the upper right corner in the check inbox section.

To get emails as an RSS feed, click RSS after entering you desired email log in.


MyTrashMail is also a well-known temporary email service provider which along with the above email receiving service also offers the functionality set email forwarding option on the temporary email address so that the  emails received on the temporary email are forwarded to your email address.

To set email forwarding, go to and enter the required information. Also you can set if you want a specified number of emails to be forwarded or for a specified time period.


A temporary email service that only provides an inbox and it couldn’t be any simpler in terms of user interface.

Simply go to and you will be given a randomly generated email address. You can use it wherever you like and can see the email received on it for as long you keep that page opened as the email address will change the next time you open this website.


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