How to Lower the Corruption Status Effect on Conan Exiles

Funcom has been developing and publishing video games for a while and in early 2017 they released a survival video game known as Conan Exiles with the custom playable character being safeguarded by Conan. This game features a unique effect known as Corruption. The corruption alert is observed on the upper left corner of the user interface and after some time you will see your most extreme health and stamina drop and is represented with a purple color. Hence, today I will provide some remedies that will be responsible for curing this corruption issue and after that, the gamers will be able to able to continue their game without interruption.

Conan Exiles

How to Remove Corruption Issue in Conan Exiles?

This problem arises in some areas of the map like deep caves or ruins and the major issue is that you cannot get rid of this issue unless you reach level 10. To eliminate this issue the thrall needs to be captured because this can drop the impact of Corruption after some time. Due to corruption, your character will not die at the spot but it will gradually lead him towards death resulting in the reduction of points too so let’s proceed towards the possible solutions to get rid of this issue.

Method 1: Arrive in some part of the world map

While playing the game you will observe many dancers in the city of the game hence you should head West from the desert after crossing the big red area towards the oasis and the city Sepermeru, the city of relic hunters. in this city, you will find a pub where you can observe dancers. You will have to keep observing them in order to see the message which states “Loss of corruption” on the screen. Keep one thing in mind that in the tavern, you can talk to Conan the Barbarian.


Method 2: Kill All The Barbarians

The second technique includes murdering all the barbarians in a camp comprising of a dancer and reducing the person to slavery. For doing that it is essential that you have reached level 10 with your character and you must have unlocked the “slave maker” ability. Furthermore, you would have to make a pain wheel, a Truncheon and Fiber Bindings to drag your slave to the Wheel of Pain. Utilize your weapon to kill all of the barbarians around the dancer and don’t try to harm the dancer with your weapon. To reduce the person you are targeting to a slave, you must knock him out with your Truncheon and then drag him to your wheel of pain.

Kill the barbarians

Method 3: Avoid wandering In Deep Caves Or Ancient Ruins

A large number of dark places in Conan Exiles are comprised of the corrupting magic. At the point when you investigate deep caves or old ruins, the magic present there gradually starts corrupting you that results in stamina loss. Furthermore, when you start fighting magical creatures like demons, their attacks can also cause corruption. Hence, while playing the game it is suggested that avoid wandering in the corrupt area and pay more attention to unlock powerful equipment because the more powerful your equipment is, the more you have the capability of fighting against the harmful effects of corruption.

That was all from today, I hope that after following this guide you will be able to solve the corruption issue in Conan Exiles and there will be no obstruction while playing the game in the future!


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