How to: Sign Out of Game Center on iPhone

The Game Center on the iPhone is basically present to keep a track of game playing records, levels, scores and collaborate them with your friends and others using this stock app. However it is easily very annoying since it tends to pop up all the time during playing games when most people may not be interested at all in keeping online records. Especially the “Welcome Back” notification that pops up every time you open up a game that you haven’t played for some time; can be disruptive to game play and be a source of annoyance to most users.

However there is no easy or simple way to just disable it and even though there are claims that logging out or repeatedly cancelling it can make it go away for good, there is a far better way to log out of Game Center permanently.

Open your iPhone Settings app. Scroll down and open the Game Center. Tap the place where it says Apple ID. Then select the Sign Out option when it pops up. Once you are signed out, you can login with your Apple ID credentials, a new account, or even access another user’s Game Center account whenever required.


However if you are still unable to successfully sign out, and the Game Center notifications keep popping up in spite of going through the instructions before follow the following steps.

Go to Settings once more. Log out once more in the same way. Then try playing a game that isn’t connected to the Game Center. You should then be asked to sign in to Game Center. This will mean that you have successfully logged out from the Game Center stock app on the iPhone permanently, till you choose to login again.

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How to: Sign Out of Game Center on iPhone

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