How to Fix Xbox One Error 0x8b050033?

Several Xbox One users are complaining that they are suddenly unable to access certain titles that they own. The error code that comes up is 0x8b050033. Most affected users are reporting that the issue only occurs with certain games and they can play other games without issues. In the vast majority of cases, this error code is encountered with digital games purchased from the Xbox store.

Xbox One Error 0x8b050033

What’s causing the 0x8b050033 error on Xbox One?

We’ve investigated this particular issue by looking at various user reports and the repair strategies that are most commonly being used to fix this problem. As it turns out, there are a couple of scenarios that might lead to the apparition of this issue. Here’s a shortlist with potential culprits that might be causing this issue:

  • Xbox Live server issue – In most cases, this particular error core will be thrown if there are issues with some core Xbox Live services. In this case, you don’t have any repair strategy other than verifying the if you’re indeed dealing with a server issue.
  • Software glitch – Under certain circumstances, you might also be facing this issue after a failed firmware update or after a power surge. If this scenario is applicable and you’ve previously confirmed that the issue is not wide-spread, you should be able to fix the problem by performing a power-cycle.

Method 1: Checking the Status of Xbox Live Services

Although this issue can very well be caused by local issues, the vast majority of user-reported cases originate from a server issue that is beyond the end-users control sphere. As scheduled maintenance period or a DDoS attack can both be responsible for the 0x8b050033 error code.

To investigate if a problem with Microsoft’s Xbox Live services is what’s keeping you from playing your games, visit this link (here) and check each service for inconsistencies.

Verifying the status of Xbox Services

If some services appear as Limited or Down, you can conclude that you’re seeing the error as a result of a wide-spread issue that is not limited to your console. In this case, the only fix is to wait until Microsoft’s engineers manage to fix the problem. Be sure to return to this link and check regularly until you see that the issue is resolved.

On the other hand, if all services have a green check-mark, you can conclude that the problem is limited to your console. In this case, follow the method below for steps fixing the 0x8b050033 error code.

Method 2: Power-cycle your Xbox One console

If you previously confirmed that the issue is not being caused by a server issue, this procedure you’re about to follow is the most effective way of resolving the 0x8b050033 error code in instances where the problem is local.

A power-cycle is the equivalent of a hard reset. If you do it successfully, you’ll completely drain the power capacitors, which will end up resolving most firmware or software related problems that might trigger this kind of behavior.

Dozens of Xbox One users that have been encountering this issue have reported that the procedure was successful and allowed them to launch game titles that we’re previously triggering the 0x8b050033 error code.

Here’s a quick guide with steps involving the procedure of performing a power cycle:

  1. Turn on your console and wait until the startup sequence is complete. Next, press and hold the Xbox button (located on the front of the console). Keep it pressed for about 10 seconds, or until you see that the front light stops flashing. As soon as you see this behavior, let go of the power button.
    Perform a hard reset on Xbox One
  2. After the machine is powered off, wait a full minute before turning it back on. You can even try to disconnect the power cable from the power source to make sure that the power capacitors are completely drained.
  3. Press the power button once again, but don’t keep it pressed like before. Look for the Xbox animation during the startup procedure. If you see it, it means that the power-cycling procedure was successful.
    Xbox One starting the animation
  4. Once your console is fully booted, launch the game that was previously triggering the error and see if the 0x8b050033 error code is still occurring.

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