How to Debloat the Honor Play Without Root

The Huawei Play is a gaming-oriented Android phone that unfortunately comes with a handful of Huawei / EMUI bloatware. Since Huawei started locking down its devices and stopped giving out bootloader unlock codes, it may not be possible for users to use traditional rooted methods of debloating their Huawei device. Fortunately, the Huawei Play can still be debloated over ADB.

In this Appuals guide, we will show you how to debloat the Huawei Play over ADB, as well as list the packages you can disable. If certain packages will have a negative impact on your device, we’ll be sure to place a note next to it – thus, read the list of packages carefully to decide what you can remove, or what can be removed and replaced with alternative apps.


 First enable USB Debugging on your Honor Play. This is done in Settings > About Phone > tap Build Number 7 times, until Developer Mode is activated. Then go to Settings > Developer Options > enable USB Debugging.

  1. Now connect your Honor Play to your PC via USB, and launch an ADB terminal (hold Shift + right click inside your main ADB folder and choose ‘Open a command window here’).
  2. In the ADB terminal, type: adb devices
  3. Your ADB terminal should display your Honor Play’s serial number. If no devices or detected, or you see “Device Offline”, you may need to troubleshoot your USB cable or USB drivers. You may also need to accept an ADB pairing dialogue on your Honor Play’s screen.
  4. If ADB returned your device’s serial, you can go ahead and type: pm list packages | grep ‘huawei’
  5. This will list all packages that belong to the /Huawei directory. You can proceed to uninstall packages using the following command:
Pm uninstall -k -user 0 ‘package name’

For example pm uninstall -k -user 0 ‘’

Here is a list of common EMUI bloatware, and an explanation for them. Pay attention to our notes for each package, as some are not safe to remove.

com.hisi.mapcon - Don't disable/remove this if you use WiFi Calling, or it'll kill the app. If you don't use WiFi Calling, this is safe to remove. - Radio FM app. DO NOT remove this. - System update app. DO NOT remove this. - Huawei Share features. DO NOT remove this. - Huawei launcher app. - MirrorShare feature. - ProjectMenu interface. DO NOT remove this. - Theme Manager. DO NOT remove this. - Huawei Weather app. - Wi-Fi Direct feature.
com.huawei.bluetooth - Import contact via Bluetooth function.
com.huawei.contactscamcard - CamCard is a business card reader app. Safe to remove.
com.huawei.compass - Huawei Compass app. - Fast ID Online function. Safe to remove.
com.huawei.geofence - GeofenceService. Safe to remove.
com.huawei.hidisk - Huawei File Manager app.
com.huawei.hwasm - FIDO UAF Autenthicator-Specific Module.
com.huawei.hdiw - Huawei ID app. Safe to remove.
com.huawei.HwMultiScreenShot - Sliding screen feature.
com.huawei.iaware - Need more details about this one.
com.huawei.ihealth - MotionService package, it's required for actions like shaking the phone to shut off the alarm, ecc. - remove it, if you don't care about this.
com.huawei.phoneservice - HiCare app. Safe to remove.
com.huawei.mirror - Huawei Mirror app. Safe to remove.
com.huawei.scanner - Huawei Scanner function. DO NOT remove this.
com.huawei.screenrecorder - Huawei Screen recorder feature. DO NOT remove this.
com.huawei.systemmanager - Huawei System Manager app. DO NOT remove this.
com.huawei.trustagent - Intelligent unlock feature.
com.huawei.vassistant - HiVoice app. Safe to remove.
com.huawei.videoeditor - Video editor function. DO NOT remove this.
com.nuance.swype.emui - Huawei Swype functions.

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How to Debloat the Honor Play Without Root

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