How to Add a GIF to Google Slide

Presentations can be made pretty interesting if you add GIFs to them. GIFs add a funny element to the presentation, adding humor in the room and making your potential buyers or customers like your idea of creativity. GIFs are short clips that are usually taken from already existing videos, but this is shorter and more specific to a certain kind of expression. You can find these on Google, Twitter, Instagram, and even Tumblr. Google is one of the best search engines, you might want to use Google to add a GIF to your presentation on Google Slides.

I am going to add a GIF on Google Slides through the URL method as I feel it is an easier way of adding GIFs to the presentation. To save the URL for a GIF, this is what you need to do

  1. Go to Google and search for the GIF you want to add to your presentation. Say, for example, I want to add the reaction of a customer when they see the high cost of producing a good whose quality is not up to the mark and as expected. So I will search for a ‘scream GIF’ in the Google search bar.
    Search Google for the most appropriate GIF which is related to your content.
  2. Click on the GIF which you like.
    I selected this one. You can opt for any GIF at all, but make sure that the content is appropriate for the audience which will be watching this presentation.
  3. When you click the right button on the mouse over the GIF, these are the options that you can choose from to add a GIF to your presentation. Click on ‘Copy Image Address’ to copy the GIFs URL, which is exactly what you need to add a GIF to the presentation on Google Slides.
    I can download the image and then add the image to the Slides but that will be a much longer process for anyone. So for this example, I will choose the URL method as it is much convenient.

    The URL or the image address has been copied to your clipboard automatically once you clicked ‘Copy Image Address’.

Once the URL has been copied, you can commence your work on Google Slides. Note: You cannot directly download the whole video and then upload it on Google slides through this process. This is just an easier way to save yourself from the time that will get wasted for you to download the GIF first and then add it to the slide. A better way to add a GIF to Google Slides is through URLs, in my opinion.

This is how you can add a GIF to your presentation on Google Slide using the URL that we just saved.

  1. Open your Google Slides, or the presentation that you have already made. It doesn’t matter whether you have already prepared a presentation as you can always add a new slide in between the slides.
    Open your Google Slides. Open an already existing template or a blank one, it is up to you.
    I opted for a blank slide for this example.
  2. Now, go to Insert in the top toolbar, and click on Image. This will bring you more options for the ways in which you can add an image to your Slides. Since we are using the URL method, we will click on the option that says ‘By URL’, which is the second last option.
    These are all the options for you to add a GIF to your slides. You can add an image save don your drive, add it from Google Photos, by URL or by Camera.
  3. When you click on ‘By URL’, this dialogue box appears.
    paste the URL for the GIF that you copied earlier here.

    This is where you will add the URL that you earlier copied from Google, and paste it in the space where it says ‘Past URL of Image…’. To avoid any copyright issues, please make sure that you have the license to use that image or GIF in this case.

  4. Click Insert once you have added the URL in the given space.
    Press Insert
    Your GIF will appear here before you press insert
  5. Your URL will be added to the Slide. Now there is one thing that you need to be sure about. Decide the slide you want to add the GIF to, and then follow the steps for adding a GIF.
    Congratulations, you have successfully added a GIF to your presentation on Google Slides

    You can increase the size of the GIF as it appears on your slide. If you want it to fit the slide, or be located in the corner of the slide, it is up to you.

That is it! You just added a GIF to your slide and made your presentation a lot more interesting.


Habiba Rehman

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