GTA 6 Trailer Focuses on “Lucia” & Ignores the Male Protagonist, Jason

The GTA VI trailer is finally here, putting an end to the seemingly infinite, decade-long wait. Rockstar Games published the trailer earlier today after someone allegedly leaked it on X before it was premiered online.

The trailer, while revealing little about the game itself, mainly focused on GTA’s first female protagonist, Lucia. It began with Lucia in jail and later transitioned to her committing crimes with her unnamed boyfriend. They were seen in a police chase and later shown robbing a store.

Lucia and her boyfriend robbing a store | Rockstar

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Now, many believe that the male character shown with Lucia is Jason, but that’s not necessarily true. See, the trailer bears a surprisingly large resemblance to what we observed in leaks from 2022. The character models for Jason and Lucia’s boyfriend may appear similar, but they do have subtle differences.

Lucia and Jason (Render based on leaks from 2022)

According to previous leaks, Lucia and Jason are siblings. In her childhood, Lucia was separated from her parents after a cartel murdered them. Later on, she ends up working for the same cartel and becomes their hitwoman. Her goal is to climb the ranks of the cartel and exact revenge on all those responsible for her parents’ death.

On the other hand, Jason becomes an agent for the DOA, an in-game version of America’s law enforcement agency, DEA. The trailer that was released does seem to be in-line with Lucia’s story, but the other male character, seemingly her boyfriend, doesn’t seem to fit in with Jason’s story.

It’s possible that Rockstar may release a second trailer soon, focusing on Jason’s side of the story. After all, they were very specific that this is “Trailer 1” for GTA VI. Till then, the trailer does give us a glimpse into what the next Grand Theft Auto will have in store, and we will keep you updated on all everything as new information becomes available.


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