Leaked GTA V Beta Endings Reveal How the Game’s Finale Could’ve Been Far More Shocking

Grand Theft Auto V‘s campaign remains as one of the best open-world games of all time, not for its open-world prowess alone, but for its masterful storytelling and impactful ending. The game has a rather complex narrative that revolves around three, very different characters, each with diverse motivations to work with one another.

Even with the finale, the game’s ending gives players total control over the fate of the story in a way that resonates with their personal convictions. But, it all could’ve been a lot more brutal. The entire source code for GTA V was just leaked hours ago, which revealed some pretty interesting details about the game, particularly with cancelled alternate endings that could’ve made their way to the final game.

This article contains major plot points for Grand Theft Auto V. Please proceed with caution if you haven't completed the game.

Grand Theft Auto V’s Three Endings

GTA V’s conclusion starts after Franklin, Michael and Trevor succeed in robbing the Union Depository Bank of $200 million in “The Big Score.” After the score, Franklin goes back home to cool down where he is met by Devin Weston and Steve Haines.

Devin Weston Meets Franklin after “The Big Score”

Both of them want either of the other two protagonists dead, and so they order Franklin to kill them. Devin wants to kill Michael since he couldn’t get revenge on his family for accidentally killing his lawyer, and Haines wants Trevor dead out of the fear that he would attract attention his crimes, and feels that Trevor is a liability.

So, Franklin has the option to choose to kill either of his two comrades. There is a third, more popular ending, titled “Deathwish,” but recent leaks have brought forth alternative endings for the former two options.

The Cancelled Endings Were Way Brutal than the Actual Ones

The leaks have brought forth two alternative endings that Rockstar had initially planned for the game for killing Michael or Trevor, both of which would’ve been really hard to watch if they ever did make it to the final piece.

For Michael, it showed how Franklin would drop him onto a helicopter blade, effectively cutting up and killing him and for Trevor, instead of being burnt alive would’ve been frozen alive by liquid nitrogen and smashed with a 2X4 by Michael.

While it would’ve been interesting to witness a different ending, we’re just glad Rockstar didn’t take that route. However, the leaks have no mention of what Option C — Deathwish would’ve looked like. Perhaps, with Franklin being killed and Lamar taking over as the third character…who knows?


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