GTA Online Players Losing Their Vehicles!

In GTA Online, you get plenty of chances to buy and obtain a wide array of cars to add to your showroom and garages. Ranging from bikes, fighter jets and even cars, players get to enjoy a plethora of vehicles at their disposal. You can store them in showrooms, hangars and garages, but the space isn’t unlimited, and that’s where problems begin. GTA Online players are losing vehicles, and Rockstar is still doing nothing about this issue!

Players have taken to forums to discuss this problem where GTA Online users are losing their vehicles due to a bug in the game’s interface. It’s pretty heart-sinking to lose one of your valuable cars in GTA Online when you have to pay double or even quadruple the price of what you pay in Singleplayer mode.

It seems that this problem has been around for years on end, and this bug makes cars disappear. Rockstar has done nothing about this so far and has offered little recourse for GTA Online Players.

GTA Online Players Losing Vehicles

So, how does this problem even happen? It all starts when players purchase or acquire a shiny new vehicle. Now, it needs to be stored. When you get the option to store a vehicle, players can opt from various garages they own.

However, if there’s no place to store a vehicle inside of a garage, the players get a pop-up message which prompts the player to replace the vehicle with a new one, or the player can choose to store the new vehicle in a different garage that has a vacant slot available. And that’s where players lose their vehicle in GTA Online.

To the surprise of many, the wording replacing a car here allows players to think that they’re going to swap a car for another one. Players discussed on Reddit how they expected their existed car to be moved to a new garage or to be dropped off near the player, for that matter, so they could personally relocate the vehicle to a new location. However, neither is possible in actuality, as the GTA Online player loses their vehicle from their inventory.

A GTA Online Player and Reddit User by the name DSK199 recently lost his Oppressor Mk II vehicle in GTA Online and reported it to Rockstar via the support option on the platform. The vehicle was reported to be fully upgraded and boasted a white camo.

But Rockstar reviewed his claim and stated that they were unable to verify the reported loss and asked for additional information. This seems to be an isolated situation as other players reported that Rockstar reimbursed them for their losses.

R* stole my oppressor mkii, any advise? from gtaonline

Accidentally replacing a vehicle and losing it in GTA Online can be a huge problem for players. To put things into perspective, an expensive vehicle can cost upwards of millions of GTA Dollars which aren’t easy to come by as you have to perform extensive heists and grind missions to get that kind of money. Getting a pricey car, storing it, and GTA Online Players losing vehicles has become a hot potato for the platform as of now, and fans are angry!

Players even spend real money to buy shark cards to be able to afford the vehicles in the first place. Some players have reported cooperation from Rockstar Support in regards to this matter and have reclaimed their lost money to buy another vehicle.

But in the end, it all comes down to the support agents, whether the player can get some sort of patch or fix for their account in the first place.

This problem isn’t new. Losing your vehicle for GTA Online Players is a recurring problem and is practically the norm at this point.

The issue continues to plague GTA Online to this day. It won’t take much for Rockstar to fix this problem, as a simple change in code for a video-game giant would solve the issue. Adding a warning message that the player will delete his vehicle by replacing it in storage would also do the trick.

GTA Online Players Losing Their Vehicles
The Declasse Drauger is available now! | Sportskeeda

Rockstar adds plenty of content updates like the Cayo Perico Races and vehicles like the Declasse Drauger to GTA Online, as they have done so quite recently with this week’s Weekly GTA Online Update.

It’s even met a few demands, like GTA Online Players asking for private lobbies to become a thing, and this request has recently made its way into the game. Fixing this specific problem would save players and Rockstar Support agents a lot of time, money and frustration. The development team should certainly consider looking into this problem.

So what do you think of GTA Online Players losing their vehicles for no reason whatsoever? Do you think the issue is complicated or is Rockstar brushing it under the rug? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more! Till then, see you later and Goodbye! This is Naseer signing out!


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