GTA 6 Trailer Easter Egg Points Towards 5th August 2025 Release Date

Rockstar’s long-awaited and highly-anticipated GTA 6 is finally out of the shadows. The first trailer for the game has taken the Internet by storm, with fans craving for more. Read more about that here.

Within the trailer, the community has found some interesting easter eggs and references. Despite sounding extremely far-fetched, one of them is possibly a hint towards the release date.

GTA 6 Release Date ‘Possibly’ Hinted in the Trailer

Here’s what we know thus far. GTA 6 is planned for a 2025 release for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S. PC gamers will, yet again, have to wait for a proper desktop version, which could take a while.

The graphics, at least from the trailer, are visually appealing with enhanced lighting, better textures, higher background detail, some implementation of hairworks, and whatnot.

Fourty-eight seconds into the trailer, cops can be seen raiding a building through dashcam footage. While the scene is short-lasting, spanning over two seconds, hardly, the top-right corner indicates the time and date of the recording.

Using the MM/DD/YY format, the first digits come out to be the 4th of August (08/04) which is coincidentally a Monday. Hear me out, because although I sound like I am high on copium, the recording takes place exactly 2 minutes before midnight or the next day, which is a Tuesday.

GTA 6 Possible Release Date Hint | Rockstar Games

The last two installments of the GTA franchise launched on a Tuesday. This trend does kind of break if we venture deeper into Rockstar’s release date history. Despite that, Tuesday was the day when Rockstar made the first official confirmation regarding a successor to GTA 5, and likewise, the first trailer for GTA 6 has been made public today, a Tuesday.

However Bizarre and highly unlikely it may seem, GTA 6 might just launch on the 5th of August, 2025. Since this is a wild-fan theory, we strongly suggest to take it with a grain of salt. Rockstar at this point is probably mulling over the launch quarter, while we’re pinpointing the exact release date.

Source: Rockstar Games, PPG


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