Grounded’s Super Duper Update is Here: Battle Wasps, Duplicate Gear, and Build Cozy Bases for Ultimate Fun

Exciting news for all you Grounded fans out there! The Super Duper Update is here, and it’s packed with awesome new features, content, QOL changes, and a plethora of improvements that will take your gameplay to the next level. From battling wasps and drones to duplicating gear and items to building cozy bases and more, there’s something for everyone in this epic update.

Grounded Super Duper Update | Obsidian Entertainment

New Features 

  • Wasps have invaded the yard, setting up mini hives and posing a formidable challenge for players to battle, with a showdown against the Wasp Queen.
  • The Super Duper Update introduces the Super Duper, an item duplication machine that allows players to duplicate gear and items using Raw Science, with the option to upgrade for higher-tier equipment and items.
  • Bases now exude a warm and fuzzy feeling, with increased coziness levels unlocking new decorative building recipes, mutations, and emotes, and granting players status effects that decrease hunger and thirst drain and slowly heal them.
  • Handy Gnat, a local construction pro, helps with large base renovations, making base building easier and more fun.
  • Custom Game options allow players to start with all mutations unlocked, activate Handy Gnat build helper, and customize their gameplay experience.
  • Loot luck, a new status effect increases the chance of obtaining rare drops and more loot in general, with the “Rub For Luck” feature on stuffed creature buildings.
  • Turret improvements include combining Pebblet Turret and Pollen Turret into an Acorn Turret, increased aiming angles, and health visibility while inside it.
  • Yoked Gardening expanded to allow growing Muscle Sprouts in the Garden Patch for more gardening options.
  • Three new achievements related to new features and content, improved Photo Mode with Depth of Field slider, and new poses.
  • Official Steam Deck support with optimizations and fixes for a smoother gaming experience for Steam Deck users.
Grounded | Obsidian Entertainment

New Content 

  • New equipment and items, such as the Wasp Morion, Wasp Breastplate, and Wasp Greaves, offer powerful options for players to protect themselves against the Wasp Queen.
  • The Bard’s Tudor and Bard’s Bow provide new combat and exploration choices.
  • Six secret trinkets add mystery and excitement to gameplay, while more smoothies and meals help with survival.
  • Over 90 new buildings are introduced for base building, including utility and decorative items for better organization and customization.
  • New base structures made from various materials open up creative possibilities for base designs.
  • Wall mounts for displaying achievements in hunting and conquest are added.
  • Bug fixes and improvements, including addressing issues with map navigation, combat controls, resource respawn rates, and performance optimization, enhance the overall gameplay experience.


For comprehensive patch notes detailing the Grounded Super Duper Update, please click here.

What are your thoughts about this massive update for Grounded? Will it captivate you to rediscover the game with your friends? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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