God of War Ragnarök’s Release Date Could Be Linked to the Norse Mythology

God of War Ragnarök will close the book on Norse mythology, opening the door for future games in the franchise to explore other ones. The release date of the game, however, has been speculated to have some connection to the timing of the next Blood moon.

As of writing this, developer Santa Monica hasn’t ruled out the possibility that the event of Norse mythology has nothing to do with the release date of Ragnarök.  A Twitter user named @EmManuDoll recently pointed out something odd. The next lunar eclipse will occur on November 8, and God of War will be released the following day. While it’s possible that the events are coincidental, learning their importance and how it ties into the game’s storyline will leave you baffled for a while.

A total lunar eclipse, or “Blood Moon,” occurs when the sun, Earth, and Moon are in perfect alignment. As a result, the moon turns a bloody red in the night sky, earning it the nickname “Blood Moon.” This is relevant to the game because, in Norse mythology, a total lunar eclipse occurs when the sun-chasing wolf, Sköll, and the moon-chasing wolf, Hati, succeed in both. Then, when the moon turns red, it is thought that the two have consumed the sun and moon, indicating that Ragnarök has begun.

Well, isn’t that a head-scratcher? 

Source: Tenor

And if Santa Monica have done this on purpose, I give them a hundred percent for paying attention to such subtleties. However, it is still up to you to determine whether it’s something deliberate or another wild coincidence. Let us know in the comments below.


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