Gothic Might Be Ported to Nintendo Switch Soon

One of the most successful role-playing games of its era, the original version of “Gothic” was introduced by Piranha Bytes in March of 2001. “Gothic” was like a more sinister version of “Dungeons & Dragons.” The game had over 100 hours of gameplay, in addition to an immense variety of weapons and spells. The only real downside was that game was only available on PC, yet it managed to gain a following quickly.

However, there is a possibility that even this will soon change since it has been speculated that the game would be ported to Nintendo consoles. Yesterday, the official Twitter account for Gothic posted a tweet showcasing the game on a Nintendo Switch, so who knows?

Almost all the people who have played the game know how terrible the controls were on PC, and so, if Piranha could just overcome that, it would be a big deal for the game to run on Switch. In addition, many people have tried running the game on Steam Deck, however again here too, the controls were the limiting factor.

A new trailer for the Gothic 1 Remake was published earlier this year, offering us a glance at the game’s new direction. Not a single minute of actual play was shown, but THQ was proud to display the improved graphics. The trailer confirms that this is an exact recreation of the first 2001 Gothic, but with updated visuals, models, and lighting.

Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below, and if you would look into playing the game if it does actually come out on Switch.



Farhan Ali

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