Google to Remove Assistant Games From Nest Hub

Google has warned owners of its Nest Hub devices that they will soon no longer be able to access Assistant voice apps and games. The move is set to take place in June 2023 and comes as Google is discontinuing support for Conversation Actions, a platform that allows third parties to develop applications for Google Assistant.

Conversation Actions were first introduced in 2016 and enabled developers to create voice-enabled applications for the Assistant. Google later added support for touch input with Interactive Canvas, which allowed developers to create games for the Nest Hub and other Smart Displays.

The company has said that it will continue to invest in popular Assistant experiences such as Timers, Media, Home Automation, Communications, and more. The company has also reiterated its commitment to building family-friendly experiences for users.

However, with the company’s decision to shift its focus towards Assistant on Android, Google is now removing support for Conversation Actions. Instead, it plans to concentrate on App Actions, which allow developers to add voice control to existing Android applications. App Actions work across a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, Wear OS watches, Google TV, and cars.

The smart home product seems to be losing its priority at Google | Flickr

As a result of this change, Nest Hub users will no longer be able to access the games, stories, and educational experiences that were launched using the “Games” tab on Smart Displays or by saying “Hey Google, talk to [X].”

Users who attempt to access the “Games” tab will now see a message informing them that the feature is going away. However, users will still be able to ask Google Assistant questions and use it to set timers, control their home automation systems, and communicate with others.

While this decision may disappoint some users, it reflects Google’s strategy of streamlining its services and focusing on platforms that are most widely used by its customers.


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