Experience God of War Ragnarök Anew with NG+ Update: Unleash Powerful Armors & Enchantments

God of War Ragnarök fans can rejoice as the New Game Plus (NG+) update is now available, bringing new equipment, enchantments, and an increased level cap. 

This mode allows players to play the game with their entire arsenal from the beginning of their journey. One of the new armors, the Armor of the Black Bear, focuses on strength and defense, and rewards players with a volley of Bifröst shards when they evade at the last second. Meanwhile, the Spartan Armor, which is ideal for players who want to test their skills, has no perk and no stats and is locked at Power Level 1.

The Ares and Zeus armors also make a return with new visuals and perks, such as the chance to drop a Health Stone on hit and increase melee and runic damage while increasing incoming damage, respectively. Players can choose from 13 remixed armors with new color combinations and styles that were previously unavailable and can be bought at Huldra Brothers’ Shop and applied to any of the existing Level 9+ armor in the transmog menu.

God of War Ragnarök | Santa Monica Sony

NG+ mode also offers an increased level cap, and all level 9 equipment, armor, weapons, weapon components, and shields can be converted into new ‘Plus’ versions that provide additional levels of progression. Players can also purchase enchantments from the shop, which take powerful and versatile perks from armor and shield Rönds. For instance, the Dragon Engraving allows players to regenerate a small amount of health every second.

Players who want to challenge themselves further can use Burdens Enchantments to equip negative perks. For example, the Burden of Evasion automatically gives Kratos the Frost status effect when he rolls. These Burdens can be combined with the Spartan Armor to create an exceptionally brutal experience, and players can show off their equipped Burdens with the new Show Difficulty option in the UI.

NG+ mode also allows players to continue unlocking a new Platinum Tier of rewards with the Carryover Progression Paths from Kill Labors or Ratatasks. The Sparring Arena in Niflheim has been expanded in NG+ mode, allowing players to choose any companion character to fight alongside them, including Atreus, Freya, Brok, Sindri, Angrboda, Ingrid, Thor, and Thrúd.

Finally, the endgame bosses have been given a few switch-ups in NG+ mode, ensuring that even if players have beaten them before, they’ll still pack a punch when players meet them again. The Hateful and the Ormstunga, two of the optional mini-bosses, have been given new tricks.

Endgame Bosses | God of War Ragnarök | Santa Monica Sony

The God of War Ragnarök NG+ mode update offers a fresh and exciting way to experience the game for fans who have already completed the story. With new armors, enchantments, and gameplay options, as well as an increased level cap, players have many more reasons to dive back into the game. 

The expansion of the Sparring Arena and the new switch-ups for endgame bosses are just the icing on the cake, making NG+ mode a must-try for all God of War Ragnarök fans.

What are your thoughts about this new update for one of the most successful games of 2022? Are you excited to hop back in God of War Ragnarök? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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