What is GalaxyAudioBook.com & Is It Legit? [2024 Review]

Key Takeaway
  • Galaxy Audiobook is an audiobook site where you can listen to various audiobooks from different genres for free. It's a 100% legit and trusted platform.

Have you ever wondered about a different way to enjoy books without reading them? Audiobooks are the answer. They’re great for listening during travels, workouts, or when you just want to relax. Among many platforms, GalaxyAudiobook.com stands out, known for its large selection and free access.

But with so many options out there, how do you know if it is the best one for you? In this blog, we’ll guide you through what GalaxyAudiobook is, how you can use it, its legitimacy, and other alternatives you might consider.

So, if you’re keen on getting into the world of audiobooks, stay with us and discover a fresh way to experience your favorite audiobooks.

What is GalaxyAudiobook.com?

What is GalaxyAudiobook?

GalaxyAudiobook.com is a site where you can listen to audiobooks for free. Getting a great collection of audiobooks without paying anything is just perfect. GalaxyAudiobook is a platform that offers an easy-to-use interface to listen to your favorite books in several genres.

They offer many types of audiobooks, like romance, fantasy, and stories about science and space. If you have your own audiobook, you can share it on the platform by emailing the given contact.

Features of GalaxyAudiobook

  • Free access: GalaxyAudiobook offers a vast collection of audiobooks that users can access for free.
  • Diverse categories: The platform serves various genres, from fiction to non-fiction, romance to thrillers.
  • User submissions: If you have an audiobook, you can share it on the site, making their collection even bigger.
  • Member benefits: If you sign up, you can comment about the audiobooks, save the ones you like, and list your top picks.
  • Search functionality: They have a search tool, so you can quickly find the audiobook you want.

How to use GalaxyAudiobook?

GalaxyAudiobook.com has a user-friendly website that provides access to a vast selection of audiobooks in various genres. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Go to GalaxyAudiobook.com. You can browse the available categories or employ the search option to locate a specific title.
    Search for Audiobooks
    Search for Audiobooks
  2. When you find an audiobook you like, you can play it on the site by simply clicking on the play button.
    Find an audiobook you like and Click play
    Click play
  3. Registration is optional but offers extra features such as leaving comments, keeping track of audiobooks listened to, adding titles to a Wishlist, and marking favorite audiobooks.
    Leave comments by registering
    Leave comments after registering
  4. Users can also upload their own audiobooks by sending an email with the book’s title, message, audio description, and link. You can find the contact information on the website’s main page. 
    Upload your audiobooks
    Upload your audiobooks

Is GalaxyAudiobook.com legit?

Is GalaxyAudiobook.com legit?

GalaxyAudiobook.com is a real site where you can listen to many audiobooks without paying. But, when you look at how the site is set up and what it offers, it might not be as good as some other audiobook sites.

The website displays less professionalism than its competitors due to its outdated interface and insufficient information about its founders and features. That is what makes people think about its legitimacy. But as for listening to audiobooks, there is nothing wrong with GalaxyAudiobook.

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Drawbacks of GalaxyAudiobook

With such great features and free access, it also has some drawbacks. Some of them are listed below:

  • Lack of organization: The division of audiobooks can be undetermined, making it difficult for users to locate particular titles.
  • Outdated interface: The website’s design is old-fashioned, with little information about the platform’s history.
  • No mobile app: Users who favor on-the-go listening can be limited by the lack of a dedicated mobile application.
  • No offline listening: Users are unable to obtain audiobooks for offline listening.
  • Limited advanced features: Other audiobook platforms offer features such as a sleep timer that are missing from this platform.
  • No podcasts: GalaxyAudiobook.com, unlike other platforms, does not offer podcasts.

GalaxyAudiobook vs. Alternatives

GalaxyAudiobook versus alternatives

GalaxyAudiobook.com has lots of free audiobooks to listen to, which many people like. But when you look at big sites like Speechify Audiobooks, Amazon’s Audible, and Google Play Books, GalaxyAudiobook doesn’t quite match up. They have clearer sounds, an easier-to-use interface, and more tools.

For example, Audible has special audiobooks you can’t find elsewhere and sounds really good. LibriVox gives away free old audiobooks. One thing GalaxyAudiobook doesn’t do is link up with local libraries.

Should you use GalaxyAudiobook?

GalaxyAudiobook.com can be a good choice for those looking to save money and enjoy a variety of audiobooks without any charges. Its vast library is a significant draw, especially in fantasy and sci-fi genres.

However, you might want to explore other options if you’re looking for new releases, advanced features, or a more organized platform. The lack of a mobile app, the inability to download audiobooks for offline listening, and the absence of a sleep timer are some of the limitations that users should be aware of.

FAQs about GalaxyAudiobook.com

Do I need to pay for audiobooks on GalaxyAudiobook.com?

No, you can listen to all the audiobooks on GalaxyAudiobook.com without spending any money. While some sites might ask you to pay every month or for certain audiobooks, this site lets everyone listen for free. It’s a good choice if you want to save money.

Can I download audiobooks for offline listening?

No, you can’t download audiobooks from GalaxyAudiobook.com and listen to them without being online. So, you must always be connected to the internet to enjoy them. If you want to listen without the internet, you might look at other sites that allow this.

Is there a mobile app for GalaxyAudiobook.com?

There’s no special app for GalaxyAudiobook.com on phones. This could be a downside if you like listening to audiobooks on an app. But you can still go to the site on your phone’s web browser.

Does GalaxyAudiobook.com offer podcasts?

No, GalaxyAudiobook.com only has audiobooks, not podcasts. If you want both, you’ll need to check out a different site for the podcasts.


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